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2006 Polaris Sportsman 500 X2 efi speedo quit working?

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MY speedo quit working the other day ... the digital stuff still works just not the speedo ? any info on this would be nice ... this machine is new to me and i have no idea whats going on ... this machine is still new and only has a little over 100 hours on it and about 650 miles ... thanks ...:mad:

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according to polaris service manual if the speed sensor is bad then it wont record millage any more and my odometer still works ...? but thats about all it says about the speedo in there ... its driving me nutz ...lol...and a new speedo is about $230.00 ... that's the cheapest i have found ...

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The boys over at the Polaris forum will have the answer for you. Not bashing or putting this site down, but Polaris is a different breed. It requires some help to figure them out. Sounds like the dash has a short.

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Too me it sound like the computer has a problem. If the odometer is working but the speedometer isn't then there is a short in the computer or broken spot on the display board that is stopping it from displaying speed.

Not related to the speedo but to explain the broken board. I had a CB in my van I had and the transmit worked till it got warmed up. Took it to the shop and they found a small crack in the connection. Made contact cold but after electric flow through it some and it got warm it lost connection.

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