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these are what i have in my collection ... always looking for more

2001 Arctic Cat All Line Service Manual


2002 Arctic Cat All Line Service Manual


2003 Arctic Cat All Line Service Manual


2004 Arctic Cat 650 Twin Service Manual


2004 Arctic Cat DVX400 Service Manual


2005 Arctic Cat All Line Service Manual


2006 Arctic Cat 400 400TBX 400TRV 500 500TBX 500TRV 650H1 650VTwin Service Manual


2006 Arctic Cat Y6-Y12 50cc & 90cc Service Manual


2007 Arctic Cat 250 Service Manual


2007 Arctic Cat 400 500 650 700 Service Manual


2007 Arctic Cat 700 Diesel Service Manual


2007 Arctic Cat Y12 90cc Service Manual


2008 Arctic Cat 366 Service Manual


2008 Arctic Cat DVX90 Service Manual


2006 Arctic Cat DVX250 Service Manual


2006 Arctic Cat DVX400 Service Manual


2007 Arctic Cat Prowler Service Manual


2008 Arctic Cat DVX50 Service Manual


2008 Arctic Cat DVX250 Service Manual


2008 Arctic Cat 400 500 650 700 700H1 Service Manual


2008 Arctic Cat DVX400 Service Manual


2008 Arctic Cat 700 Diesel Service Manual


2008 Arctic Cat Prowler XT XTX Service Manual


2008 Arctic Cat Thundercat Service Manual


2009 Arctic Cat 90 Service Manual


2009 Arctic Cat 150 Service Manual


2009 Arctic Cat 366 Service Manual


2010 Arctic Cat DVX90 Service Manual


2009 Arctic Cat DVX300 Service Manual


2009 Arctic Cat TRV400 500 550 700 1000 Thundercat Service Manual


2009 Arctic Cat Prowler XT XTX Service Manual


2009 Arctic Cat Prowler XTZ Service Manual


2010 Arctic Cat 150 Service Manual


2010 Arctic Cat DVX300 Service Manual


2010 Arctic Cat 366 Service Manual


2010 Arctic Cat TRV400 FIS550 TRV650 FIS700TBX TRV1000 Thundercat TRV Cruiser Mud Pro Service Manual


2010 Arctic Cat 450 Service Manual


2010 Arctic Cat 700 Diesel Service Manual


2010 Arctic Cat Prowler XT XTX XTZ Service Manual


2011 Arctic Cat 150 Service Manual


2011 Arctic Cat 350 425 Service Manual


2011 Arctic Cat 366SE Service Manual


2011 Arctic Cat TRV400 Service Manual


2011 Arctic Cat 450 550 650 700 1000 Service Manual


2011 Arctic Cat 450XC Service Manual


2011 Arctic Cat 700 Diesel SD Service Manual


2011 Arctic Cat DVX90 & 90 Utility Service Manual


2011 Arctic Cat DVX300 & 300 Utility Service Manual


2011 Arctic Cat Prowler HDX Service Manual


2011 Arctic Cat Prowler XT XTX XTZ Service Manual


2012 Arctic Cat 150 Service Manual


2012 Arctic Cat 350 Service Manual


2012 Arctic Cat 425 Service Manual


2012 Arctic Cat 550 700 Service Manual


2012 Arctic Cat 450 1000 Service Manual


2012 Arctic Cat 650 Service Manual


2012 Arctic Cat 700 Diesel SD Service Manual


2012 Arctic Cat DVX90 & 90 Utility Service Manual


2012 Arctic Cat DVX300 & 300 Utility Service Manual


2012 Arctic Cat Prowler HDX Service Manual


2012 Arctic Cat Prowler XT XTX XTZ Service Manual


2012 Arctic Cat XL450i Service Manual


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Fantastic! Thank you very much. I would rather have too much info than not enough. Just going to adjust the valves and other shop maintenance items.

Much appreciated!



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I couldn't find how to post I had made an old post about a month ago . I have a Artic cat 400 4x4 2006 automatic that is driving me nutts.it just kinda Boggs and I have boiled the carb out 3 times , cleaned tank , after boiled out carbs were you put them in the gallon jug of carb cleaner and let them sit overnight I would rinse them off run wire thru all the jets and holes and blow out with air then carb spray. It almost acts like it only has about a third of the throttle and want go any faster and the pump seems to be pumping good, I cut the wiring loom all off and checked every wire on it found one that was bad and fixed but didn't help it had cleared up and started back .i have checked all the fuel lines and that main vacuum to the fuel pumP and I took side cover off checked wires all the way to the stator and they were fine and it was. I had put a inline fuel filter in between the pump and carb to catch any thrash would this also hurt it having it.it idles good and all just when you get on the gas it is like you just let off it I also put a new plug and coil in it.any help would be great or were to go , also I wonder I seen the Artic cat snow sled has a fuel pump like mine but they are metal and can be rebuilt not that crappy plastic I wonder if one would work on my atv ?

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this is for the 400 dvx and this one is the 2006 Arctic Cat 400 400TBX 400TRV 500 500TBX 500TRV 650 H1 650 V Twin Service Manual https://www.yousendit.com/download/TEhVNHAzcVhQb0laQ2NUQw

swampcat07 is the arctic cat guy that should see your post and help you out ...

Edited by oxidized_black

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these are the manuals i have to date for Arctic Cat. if anyone sees one they need, just message me and you'll have it.


Hi, Im looking for a service manual for a 2000 Arctic cat 500 auto red. Thank you.

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these are the manuals i have to date for Arctic Cat. if anyone sees one they need, just message me and you'll have it.


hello i need torque specs for a 2009 550 artic cat

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