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  2. same thing happend to a buddy of mine. you are right on with the solution
  3. Jet kit? I added jet dyno jet kit to my bike. I didn't account for exhaust. Blew out stock muffler. Added HMF works great. Let me know whats on your bike I will ask my Mech. Scott
  4. Just took belt off. About 6 teeth missing. taking test ride in am. also replaceing ball joints and wheel bearings in am.
  5. Yes it has a clutch kit. Im going to tear into this weekend to see what is going on.
  6. My 2007 Arctic Cat 500 is acting up. I hope its just needing a new belt, but has anyone seen this before. Jumps when starting rolling in all gears. Once gets going its fine as long as you stay on gas. It feels like starting off in a rzr (takes a second to engage)
  7. Im new to quad crazy. I know this is going to help when I have questions. I will also try to help out when I can
  8. Can you send me service man for 2007 Arctic Cat 500 auto? Thanks Scott

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