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A Great Day of Rid'in !!

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I badly needed to get out of town, away from people, breathe some fresh air & I wanted to test out my latest mods … so what better way than to take a day & do some rid’in. :bannana_guitar:

Had a great day out in “Them Thar Hills” too. Saw Moose, Deer, Lots of Antelope, a couple Coyotes, some Ducks, a Golden Eagle, Chipmunks, …… SQUIRREL !! … and lots of squirrels !! :hammer:

Went to Millie Springs (about 62 miles from my home), then in a round-about way, made it over to Curtis Creek … found a new trail too … then back across Thousand Dollar Ridge …. Lots of dust, got caught in some rain that came down so hard it hurt the ole mug … but I missed the real downpour … which ticked me off !! …. But all in all, it was a great ride of about 60 miles. :woot:

I’m also glad to say, all the latest mods preformed dang good & I’m very happy with how the Can-Am hauled my rear thru the sage brush & over the trees !! :cheer:

Here’s a short video of the ride. Make sure you change the Quality of the video to 720p or 1080p & you’ll be able to see the one Antelope (Barely) & the ducks better if you do a Full Screen. :comp10:

Hope you enjoy it … :bouncing_smiles:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFnXRcBxr7A]31 July 2012 - Millie Springs - YouTube[/ame]


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another awesome video. your editing is spectacular, I love all the different camera angles you use. I could spend a lot of time exploring a place like that.

THANKS Wylde1 Guy !! ... There are so many roads in that area, I've been on most of them, & some are closed off now ... but there's lots to explore out that way. :drivingc:

Glad you enjoyed the vid !! :cheers2c:

sweet Vid Gunny !! As usual :yes:

THANKS Quadnut Dude !! :bow:


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I loved the woods riding part of the video, great job.

THANKS Swamp Thing !! :notworthy:

Yup, a nice mix of terrain that day ... I love the slow & go woods too. Just not many trails like that here. Found this trail by chance ... can't wait to visit it again !! :partyc:


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