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400EX oil level with FST oil cooler

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My 500EX motor was already broken in and heat cycled. It was sitting for a month with an occasional start and idle.

After a hard ride at a mx track I checked my oil level with engine oil temp at 250* and the motor shut off. The temp never went higher than 250* (cooler works great!) The oil was near the top of the tank. I let it cool down for an hour and the oil level was at the top of the crosshatch section (max full). I went back out for about 20 more laps and went back to the staging area and the oil was seeping out of the dipstick o ring. i have an aftermarket dipstick with a temp gauge on it. I removed the dipstick and oil started to overflow.

I havent ridden it since then (no time) but checked the oil and its back down but above the full crosshatch area. I dont smell it but could it be possible that gas ended up in the motor from a sticking float. When I towed it to the track I forgot to turn off the petcock and actually left it on reserve. its now shut off.

after about 40 laps I have about 3/4 of a tank is this excessive or ok?

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I was told to keep it on the conservative side till i finished a tank of gas.... That lasted for about 10 laps. The rest was me just hangingon (thumbup) to the bike like a flag in the wind lol. Its quite the beast of a bike but just unsure of this oil problem

Sent from my SGH-T989 using Xparent Blue Tapatalk 2

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      So after my 400ex pep up (High comp piston, stage 2 hot cam, and some others), There was a malfunction with the rocker arm jam-nut; guess it wasn't torqued to spec. The rocker arm nut caused the lash to become too out of clearance and I bent a valve on a test rip high in the rpm range. There was no damage to the piston but only that valve, a couple dents in the head, and a completely destroyed valve guide. So I decided to take it upon myself (after watching kenoconnors race porting instructions and reading up on this subject) to port my cylinder head significantly. I had the head decked, cylinder honed and smoothed/polished the dome/exhaust port (intake wasn't polished but dimpled slightly to ensure fuel atomization). So after porting, decking the head, I had all valves and guides replaced/reamed, 5 angle valve job, and recut seats, then I installed xr400 gaskets (for higher compression), carb jets; 42 pilot, 175 or 6 main not sure, dynojet needle, k and n filter with no lid, enlarging of header ports and big gun eco slip on exhaust for a 450r, trx 250r coil (adds 1000+ rpm to limiter), 11:1 85mm piston, stg 2 hc with springs and retainers replaced, and polished rocker arms. I then replaced both sprockets one down in front and stock in rear, o ring chain, and 18in tires. There is a larger list of mods but these were the only ones affecting acceleration/performance. On the dyno, this quad put down 42rwhp and was estimated at 46 to the flywheel. Once again this was 42 to the wheel on the stock bore/carb size/header. All this was done at 16 yrs old. You may not be able to see it in the picture but peak whp was 42 on a mustang dyno.

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