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New to the fourm from Pittsburgh PA


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Dream Car Giveaway
Welcome to QC !! Those are sweet rides !!

Thank you!

The kazuma I found on craigslist last week for $60.00 lady said it didn't run. Adjusted the valves and cleaned the carb and fires up easy now.

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Welcome to QC!! Alot of people I know including me ride in the Mahanoy area / windmills. You ever go up that way?

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Not sure I do. Windmills sounds fimiliar though

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    • By slide187
      So I changed out the steel winch cable on my CForce 800-2 to a synthetic I had gotten when I had my old outlander and just never put it on. That wasn’t too difficult but I had to open up the hole in the spool a bit to get the tail thru. But I got it thru put the set screw back in and wound it up. It’s one of those Amsteel type cables, 50’ with an 8’ sliding protection sleeve on the hook end. And I put on an aluminum hawse with a rubber stopper and new hook. (Which is like the Warn Epic hook. Might be a little big. Haha ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

      And right before that, I pulled out the halogen headlights. Replaced them with these nifty dual color LEDs. (But because of the heat sinks on them I had to widen out the holes for the bulbs a little and then vacuum all the dust out of the light housing with an improvised headlight vacuum. Haha)
      But they fit and the lights are yellow on regular beam and high beam switches them white).

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    • By garysaul
      Rear brake pedals very soft,I think all of a sudden as the kids have been riding this one.
      Changed pads-calipers in great shape
      Bled brakes--no change--apparently need new master cylinder?
      Never had any type of vehicle where the master cylinder actually failed
      Partzilla-$144---amazon $25 --has anyone used a chinese one 
    • By Dgafchikk
      Whats the difference in the red honda atc engine and the black honda atc engine?
    • By Quadman11
      Hi Guys, First post. 
      I'm Having an issue with my KLF300 2X4.
      Just purchased a 2000 model KLF300, when i first rode is i noticed the gear shifting from reverse to first and vice versa was extremely hard and stiff. 
      Now When the bike is running it is Shifting straight past neutral into reverse without using reverse lever, making neutral impossible to find. Also the neutral light and revese light has stopped working. To get the bike started i grounded the green wire coming from the switch so now i can start it again but the shifting issue is still there. 
      I have adjusted the reverse lever and cable so that it is fully retracting but this hasn't changed anything.
      Can anyone recommend anything to check etc? 
      Thank you.  
    • Dream Car Giveaway
    • By Wayne Gilroy
      I currently have a 2015 Polaris 570SP that I bought new and have been riding for for over 20 years.  
      I don't do much trail riding or mudding like I used to when I was younger.  I mostly use it around my 25 acres in the country as a utility vehicle (moving trailers, working on hunting stands and gathering firewood in the woods).   The work in the woods sometimes tests the stock tires, but most the time I'm on high and dry ground.  And every once in a while the wife and I will get together with some other atv friends and go for a day of trail riding.  Maybe 2 or 3 times a year give or take.
      I use the ATV year round, but here in Northwest Wisconsin, the snow depth makes it prohibitive to getting out in the woods or out on the frozen lake.
      I don't want a snowmobile (they are such a bi*** to get un-stuck in deep snow - I know because I have a friends 500lb sled stuck in 3 feet of snow and slush on the lake right now).
      So I'm thinking about getting a tracked machine.  I've never driven one, but have watched several youtube videos that are quite impressive.  Especially for snow.
      I have seen some systems are geared for snow only, and some that are all terrain.   I would prefer to use a track system year round unless someone can convince me it's better to have tracks just for snow and wheels the rest of the year.
      My questions are:
      1. Between a Can Am 1000 and a Polaris 1000 - which one is better for tracks? I'm familiar with the Polaris AWD system and like it.  I've "heard" that Can Am's 4wd isn't quite as good, but maybe that's not true.  I'm open to other machines but these two are just my preference.
      2. Tracks - all season vs winter. 
      How much of a pain in the as* is it to change from tracks to wheels to tracks each year?  Are the snow only tracks worth it vs year round tracks?  Can you comfortably trail ride (non winter) with tracks?  I'm talking long, boring, well groomed, straight, flat dirt trails.  At the end of 50 miles am I going to wish I had put the wheels on? How long are tracks good for?  My machine will be garage stored and my annual mileage/hours will be minimal.  Are there any things to be aware of in terms of warranty violation if I were to buy a new machine and put tracks on it myself vs the dealer? Any issues with stock axles, clutch or other components? Thanks in advance!
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