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Where to ride? Interesting places!

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Where to ride? Interesting places!

Please post one place where you think would be an awesome atv adventure. The rules are, you must provide some pictures and information on the place of interest. Each place should have it's own post. (You may post more than once). Please provide as much information as you can (pictures, description, links, etc). Once we have 10 interesting places, we'll vote for the best.

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ATV Mexico is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Pete and Ana Shepard. Pete and Ana discovered the majestic Copper Canyon through Ana's business ventures and they quickly fell in love with the area and generosity of the people. Traveling in and around Copper Canyon is taking a trip back in time. After years of taking friends and family members, Ana thought it would be great to guide people to the area. Pete is an ATV enthusiast and suggested taking people in on ATVs. After spending a year developing and testing the trip by ATV that people of all ages could enjoy, they opened for business. Ana enjoys staying at the best hotels the area has to offer, not only for comfort, but also for decor. Pete insisted on eating at every restaurant in the area to assure the food was authentic and there was plenty of it! Pete works as a locomotive engineer and understands the importance of having only two weeks of vacation. Pete and Ana are committed to doing their very best to make sure your experience is the most memorable vacation of a lifetime.

ATV Mexico provides all-inclusive, all terrain vehicle tours to the majestic Copper Canyon in old Mexico. They have been working in Copper Canyon since 1997 and have over 44 years of combined Mexico experience. The Copper Canyon is 1,600 feet deeper than Arizona's Grand Canyon, covers 25,000 square miles, and is one of Mexico's greatest treasures.

You will ride the best ATVs made on the planet, Yamaha Grizzly 660s, with independent suspension and four-wheel-drive. ATV Mexico provides all gear necessary for your adventure, including helmet, gloves, goggles, and rack bags for your personal belongings. Rivers, waterfalls, Tarahumara Indians, and lost missions are just a few of the countless things you'll see on this tour. The Indians still inhabit the caves, and the surrounding area is like traveling back in time, as fields are still plowed with horse and plow. Many of the towns visited date back to the 1700s.

This trip is very adventurous and remote. You will get to experience the canyons like no other tour company can provide. ATV Mexico is the first and only company to offer an ATV tour to Copper Canyon. From silver mines to 1700 and 1800 history, they can take you there in style ... riding on a time machine through an old land.


ATV Mexico - Mexico Guided ATV Tours

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ATV Rugged & Scenic Alaska!

Alaska All Terrain Tours specializes in providing a personalized guided ATV tour experience to clients of all ages and experience levels. We feature quality, first-class equipment and experienced, patient guides.

For most people, a trip to Alaska is the adventure of a lifetime. Alaska All Terrain Tours is dedicated to ensuring that you experience the majesty of our Alaskan summers. Our offerings of guided 4X4 van tours, ATV rentals, guided ATV tours, and even multiple day safaris into the remote Alaska backcountry are only a toll-free call away!

Alaska All Terrain Tours are for the entire family. Bring your camera, and choose from a variety of trips offered daily, April through October. Explore our website, then plan your adventure in one of Alaska's most spectacular settings. Come North to the Future with Alaska All Terrain Tours and experience The Last Frontier.

~ Chris Maynard, President

Alaska ATV Tours | Alaska All Terrain Tours

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Southern Africa ATV Tours

Imagine yourself quading along the infamous Limpopo River. You snap a picture of a basking crocodile or hippo, then throw your leg back over your ATV and gun off toward the blood-red sunset. Do you still remember the snow and ice at home? How about 4-wheeling along the windswept grass-covered ridges of the Transkei Wild Coast? Or organizing an expedition across the veld of Mozambique? Want to do that? We can help. Details of the tours are available via this links on the left.

ATV Action Tours has partnered with a superb ATV tour operator in South Africa to be the only North American company to offer these tours. These tours are first rate. Everything but your bar bill is included from the time your flight touches down in Johannesburg until you are back at the airport. The tours are small in size and can include both American and South African riders so you can make some international friendships. Depending on the specific tour you stay in resort lodges or Safari camp in cabin tents. Since we don't want the lions to eat you, showers are always available. (We get fined for feeding the lions.) There is limited ride-along seating, so if you have that special someone who wants to participate but not ride an ATV, we can arrange it.

These are the finest exclusive small-group, everything-included, Quad Adventures anywhere. And as an added bonus: South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere which means the seasons are opposite the North American seasons, Summer is in Nov-Feb. Leave the snow in the US and ride in the summer in Africa!!!!



More Pictures HERE: Transkei


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U-Drive ATV Tour in the Sonoran Desert

Scottsdale, Arizona


Centrally located near Scottsdale, you will experience some challenging desert trails that culminate in unsurpassed views of stunning Sonoran Desert.

Using quality Bombardier single or factory built legal 2 seat ATV's (no after market "add on seats" squashed onto a single person ATV!), both you and your passenger will be comfortable on a machine specifically designed for two.

Bring your sense of adventure and see the Sonoran Desert up close as you tackle the challenging terrain and have the ride of your life!

U-Drive ATV Tour in the Sonoran Desert

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Vanridge ATV Tours & Trails ~ the "Family Adventure"


Vanridge ATV Tours & Trails ~ the "Family Adventure"

1633 County Road 2 (just 5 minutes north of the 401)

Mallorytown, Ontario, Canada

613-923-1573 (Telephone)

(866) 269-2554 (Toll FreeTelephone)

613-923-1574 (Fax)

[email protected] (email)

We offer an experience that's second to none. If you're looking for an outdoor adventure for the whole family to enjoy, then come and have some fun on our All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs). Introduce your spouse, the rest of your family and friends to a new and exciting activity. Drive your own ATV or one of ours through the rugged Ontario wilderness to enjoy a truly Canadian adventure in an area that depicts great Canadian Shield terrain.

Our tours are designed so that the very experienced drivers can have fun while experiencing very technical trails as well as mud if the season allows - BUT we also have trails that a novice driver can have a great time. Our Guest Book says it all - the best time they have ever had - better than Canada's Wonderland.

Our groomed ATV trails are open year round. You can enjoy all that nature has to offer, no matter what season you prefer.

Our ATV Adventure is located in the 1000 Islands' Region of Eastern Ontario, and the Ottawa Valley. We are a short 15 min. drive from the International Bridge to the great U.S.A. at Alexandria Bay, NY & Lansdowne, ON, Canada. We are a 3 hour drive from Toronto; 2 hour drive from Montreal, and just a short 1.25 hour drive from Ottawa. What a short drive to have such excitement and the time of your life.

No experience is necessary in order to drive. We customize your tour depending on the experience level you demonstrate (from very novice to very advanced). Training is conducted prior to all tours.

Our Trails feature: view trail video

NEW ~~ We now offer safe storage for your ATV.

We offer secure safe parking for your trailers and vehicles while riding our trails. Arrangements can also be made for safe storage either on a regular basis or while vacationing in the area.

The only trails to feature an "ATV Subway" under the Canadian National Railway.

Beaver Marsh, Buck-Horn Swamp & Aligator Alley can be a challenge for an ATV driver (there are by-passes available for those who don't enjoy getting muddy).

The types of ATV tours we offer include the extreme with lots of mud for those with their own ATvs to the casual family ride.

A 1961 Rambler abandoned years ago right in the middle of the beautiful White Pine Valley.

Take a break at the Bull Frog Bay Rest Area - a beautiful brook below and a surprising skyway above.

Enjoy nature's wonderland as you drive ~ we see deer, wild turkeys, wolves, foxes, partridge, large variety of wild flowers & a many different types of trees!

A must for bird watchers as we see so very many different species.

The beautiful surroundings offer a large variety of trees, rock formations and just awesome wonders which you will enjoy while driving our ATV. Each season has spectacular views.

Don't forget your camera. We will stop for photos where clients wish.

Open year round for added fun and challenge.

We have many clients making us their destination for return day and overnight trips.

Experienced drivers love our trails, as we offer a mixture of terrain and challenge.

It can be muddy or dusty on the trail - so be prepared, you may get dirty.

Our clients say that their ATV tour at Vanridge was the highlight of their vacation in the 1000 Islands. Remember when planning your private Weekend Getaway, Bachelor Party gatherings or Business fun, make Vanridge ATV Tours part of your itinerary.

ATV Adventure touring in Eastern Ontario is a growing experience - make it one of yours.

Check out what we found on the Internet ~ ATVing in eastern Ontario


Vanridge ATV Tours & Trails

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ATV Tours Central Valley Costa Rica

ATV Tour Central Valley Costa Rica An ATV adventure in the mountains of Costa Rica drive your quad up to 8000FT and see the whole Central Valley and the pacific coast Tour includes a typical Costa Rican Lunch

Starting at US $95/Person

Description of Activity/Tour

Ride your ATV up to 8000 FT see the beautiful Landscaping of the Cedral Mountains Look over the Central Valley see 5 volcanoes and at the other site look to the pacific Ocean.

Typical Day

Pick up is around 10 AM all Hotels Down town San Jose the return is around 5 PM.

You need a sweater or light jacket for the higher altitudes, don’t forget your sunscreen and your camera where closed shoes.

Age range, type of group

We offer tours for beginners, families, and expert riders minimum driving age is 16 years.

Minimum age for the kids who take part with the guide’s ore if parents have riding experience is 6 years.

Sleeping and meals

The tour includes a Traditional Costa Rican Lunch at 6000 FT


We refuge people under the influence of alcohol and drugs this tour is not for people with back problems or pregnant woman .

Other Information

Paraiso Adventures is the only ATV company in Costa Rica who has the ICT adventure license ( Instituto Costarricence de Turismo ) This government institute looks very sharp into the safety of tourist coming to Costa Rica and do adventure Tours.




ATV Tours Central Valley Costa Rica, San Jose Costa Rica Sight-Seeing Tour

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    • By Muggzy
      Hey All,
      Looking for some recommendations on an ATV for my Daughters-in-law to ride when they visit with my sons. We ride mostly woods trails. It needs to be fairly easy to ride, automatic is't necessary but shifting should be forgiving and it needs to be under $2000. I have a Banshee and a Polaris Sportsman 500HO now.
      One DIL is tiny, 5' and about 100lbs, the other is about 5'8" and 130lbs. I'm concerned that steering on the Sportsman may require too much upper body strength and the Banshee is definitely not a beginner's ride.
      I'm thinking about a Warrior (may be under powered) or a Honda 400EX but I'd love to hear what others might suggest?
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      Went for a ride at Murdock Basin, which is on the South side of the Uinta Mountains. I hadn't been there in about 13 yrs & I had forgotten just how rocky this area is. I did ride some trails I hadn't ridden before & even found one short ATV trail.
      I had the "Check Engine - Transmission Signal Fault" message, but the bike never did go into limp mode, so I just kept riding & a little while later, the message disappeared, so all is good. I did check the wires when I got home & put some dielectric grease on the connection thou.
      Over all, it was a great day of rid'in, I hope you enjoy the video.
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      Hey I just moved here from Philadelphia, pa. And I'm looking for people to ride with. I live in Altoona, pa. I have a 2013 raptor 700 all stock.
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