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  2. I have the same problem my keyway has broke twice with me cranking it twice is there anyway of keeping it from breaking
  3. I have a 2006 kingquad 700 efi I got a 2" lift with 28" silverbacks,I've got a 106 cp big bore kit, and I'm looking to see what I can do to get a gear reduction and I can't find it any where is it in the beveal gears or a clutch kit?
  4. They had a power commander on it when I bought it some body told me that could be the reason for not cranking earlyer, but one of the plugs broke on it unplugging it so would that have any factor with it beein tuned to that with used to having a hmf and now a stock pipe, I'm jus trying to figure all my options here
  5. Ok and before I bought the bike he had a hmf pipe on it, I used to have a big bear 400 we had to jet it I don't really know much about the fuel injections this my first one to own and I've only ridin it once and loved it, you can tell they put a new cylinder on it because thats the only part of the motor that isnt stained and looks new, and do you know if it's that hard to take the top end off the motor I've done it on racing bikes but I had more room to work with.
  6. It's coming out of both but my doesn't look properly connected either I can wiggle it up and down it doesn't look like it has a gasket by the head where the exhaust connects to it so I'm not sure I bought the bike last week would taking the silencer off help with the smoking any I've read some post saying it might
  7. I have a 06 Suzuki kingquad that wouldnt crank when I bought it the fi light was on and I cleaned electrical connections and put new battery in it and it cranking it's loud though, when I bought it they said it was rebuilt up to a 750 and it's only been cranked 2 times since the rebuild and its leaking oil around the front of the headwhere the exhaust meets and out the eexhaust, I jus changed the oil and filter to see if it helped with the smoking it's doing also the smoke is blue and grey didn't really smell like oil but now it's starting to, I'm not sure what to do with it.

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