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  2. Check your starter solenoid. (the switch that should be between your starter positive and your battery positive wires). If thats not the problem, check your fuses, as well as any neutral safety and shut off switches. You may have a switch on the foot and/or hand brake, on/off (kill) switch by the start button, or as was stated by rappy97, it coulc be a lose or shorted wire. Could also be a bad cdi.
  3. Buyatvsonline - Chinese Atv Parts Scooter Parts 110cc Parts 150cc Parts 70cc Parts 90cc Parts 50cc try this site. It seems to have just about anything you could need for just about any chinese atv. Just be careful with the shipping cost, may be more expensive than the parts and may not be worth it if you have a shop near you that sells them.
  4. Hey everyone, another newbie here to the site. I concider myself to be a small engine mechanic, however, Im still a beginner. I have been to MMI so I have been formally trained, just gotta get the hands on field experience. I have been around mechanics for quite a while and I catch on fast. I welcome all positive criticism and suggestions and I will do whatever I can to help anyone out if I can. I do have several service manuals for just about any motorcycle, dirt bike, and ATV but I dont have them all yet. Id love to collect them all if that were possible, lol. Feel free to pick my brain with any issues you might have. I know Ill be doing the same.
  5. I appologize, CK may be right, I was looking at the wrong manual. Heres the info from the correct manual: POOR IDLE SPEED PERFORMANCE Electrical system • Faulty spark plug • Faulty ECU • Faulty crankshaft position sensor • Faulty ignition coil Valve train • Improperly adjusted valve clearance Air filter • Clogged air filter element
  6. It should tell you I believe on the cylinder. It should be stamped on it somewhere.
  7. Based on what you have described, here is what the manual says could be the problem(s). I hope this helps you. POOR IDLE SPEED PERFORMANCE Carburetor ● Improperly returned starter plunger ● Loose pilot jet ● Clogged pilot jet ● Clogged pilot air jet ● Improperly adjusted idle speed (Throttle stop screw) ● Improper throttle cable play ● Flooded carburetor Electrical system ● Faulty spark plug ● Faulty CDI unit ● Faulty pickup coil ● Faulty charging/rotor rotation direction coil ● Faulty ignition coil Valve train ● Improperly adjusted valve clearance Air filter ● Clogged air filter element
  8. That could be cuased by a few different things from a mis-adjusted carb to the timing being incorrect. I would start by making sure that the carb is adjusted correctly. Once you know that your carb is correct, Id try adjusting the valves. If it still does it, I would take off the valve cover and check to make sure that your timing chain is set correctly. Hope this helps ya.

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