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  2. Can someone help me diagnose a wheel wobble? My left rear wheel wobbles. It does it on 2 different set of tires so I can say it is not the rim and I replaced the hub so its not that. What are my next steps in figuring it out or does someone already know Thanks in advance for any and all help Regina
  3. he said it does not turn freely in neutral spins forward in gear and backward in reverse
  4. i will get back to you tomorrow...
  5. if this is the wrong place, im sorry in advance. my kid bought a scrambler and the chain broke. a new one was replaced and now it wont go forward. it gets tense and then stops. it will go in reverse..the chain gets loose and goes backward. needless to say on a beautiful snowy day he cant ride. can someone please help?
  6. I need a 1999 Polaris Scrambler service manual. Anyone have one or know where I can get one? Id like free if possible. Thanks

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