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  1. i think the tors is crap...all it dose is f**k stuff up were you cant rev at all, i had to deal with the tors on my new blasty to day...
  2. 1986 ATC 250R custom pipe, mild porting, pro-x piston, clamp on K&N with trx air boot, aftermarket case saver, douglas wheels with turf tamers, maier rear finders, custom grab bar, 400ex thumb throttle....lots more on the way!!
  3. thanks, yea i was thinkg about that. need a few more posts tho lol
  4. me jumpin the 80 allan tryin to be cool cory & his durango me on the puss wagon me & my old 200x
  5. im also on E2S good site & i was on trx250r.net but after i sold my R i stoped goin on there
  6. how do i change my name from trx500r to tecate/250r RiDeR?? thanks
  7. 1992 QUADRACER trinity pipe, pro circuit silencer, v-force3 reeds, 250r clamp on k&n, 38mm Airstryker, banshee petcock, champion beadlocks, hoosier's, pep front shocks, pep shock covers, z400 rear shock, QD racing sway bar, ac bumper, dg nerf bars, p.b. block off, rear master cyl. guard, alba graphics, ceet seat cover..
  8. i sold pretty much every thing but i ride a 1992 lt250r & a 2003 lt80 [ATTACH]100[/ATTACH]

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