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  2. i have a 2009 grizzly 700,replaced the fuel pump and filter,replaced the spark plug and checked the air filter for a mouse house! it runs then shuts down,wont stay running,does the fuel line need to be primed and air free to run properly or am i missing something obvious??????????????
  3. i have a 2009 yahama yfm7fgpy speciai edition and the fuel pump is replaced, but it runs till the fuel runs out? could it be a an injector issue or something else:aargh:
  4. HELP, i have a 2009 yamaha grizzly 700 yfm7fgpy special edition with a defective fuel pump and am wanting to know how to test it to know if it is defective or not
  5. Ok, this should an easy one for everyone! I do not have a repair manual,so here i go:-) i need to know where the thermal relay switch for the cooling fan is located???? i have replaced the fan/temp switch/thermastat and all the fuses are ok
  6. hi yall,its been awhile since i came to the site!!! i have a 2009 yamaha grizzly 700 w a cooling gremlin!! And i need expert advice,i replaced the temp switch,thermastate and fan,the fuse is ok but the fan wont come on when needed everything werks ok at a moderate speed,but when on a difficult trail the temp lite comes on w/o the fan werkin im guessing its in the wiring harness as it was wrecked at 1 time,any help would help:aargh: jim
  7. i recieved a 1997 polaris big boss 400 6x6 and need to know what the compression #s should be on a new motor
  8. you guys rock in every way x 100000000000000000000000000000 keep on keepin on
  9. I have a 2009 yahama grizzly 700 and the radiator is overheating,the fan is ok.could it be the temp sender? if so where is it located and whats the avg cost to replace it???
  10. hi yall I lookin for anyone who knows when they are going to have a rock crawlin event at chock cherry canyon in Farmington new mexico,i keep hearing something around july? jim:biggrin:
  11. axle trade,what are the options. I want to lengthen all 4 axles on a 1996 suzuki 4x4 king quad. my question is are all or most models of axles interchangeable?????????????? if not ill accept any information on the same:wink:
  12. I have a 1996 suzuki king quad lt-f4wdx 280cc and am considering haveing it rebuilt as a seal is bad and cannot be replaced w/o tearing the motor apart! I need to know the average price range to do this!
  13. I have to replace a seal on the rear axle!!!!!!!!!!! The seal is where the propeller shaft attachesto the rear axle!!!!!!!! Via a slip joint connnection with a boot.... So to keep a long story short, is there any chance at all the seal can be replaced w/o dissambling the motor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I have a 1996 king quad lt-f4wdx and have oil leaking from the rear axle assy at the seal behind the shaft from the front axle to the rear axle! can this seal be replaced w/o doing major surgery,taking the rear assy completly apart. thanx jim:aargh:

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