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  1. no one ever had this problem? I have a new battery ?? could it be a problem with the ignition switch? thanks
  2. Hi i have a honda 350es 2002 4x4 (same as rancher but canadian edition). My problem is the clock and trip meter always resetting when i power off the bike. The trip meter reset to 0.0 and the clock flashing 1:00. The other function work normally gear shift, hourmeter and odometer. If i power off the bike for approx 2-5 seconds the clock and trip meter didnt reset. The battery is ok and all the fuse is ok. Can someone help me with this problem please. I found anything in my service manual. thanks
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  4. Hi all, i come from from quebec, canada.....i use my atv for hunting
  5. Hi, i have a 1987 yamaha big bear with an electrical trouble...stator new, startor new, battery new, selenoid coil and plug new, new carburator....my mechanic man said to me all is allright with the new stock, but the bike have always sparkink touble pulse he always sparking...the timing is ok and valve adjustement is ok...i have 2 new stator and 2 have the same problem (RM stator)....the only piece is not changed is the cdi, but a cdi is about 300$ in canada...and my mechanic man said to me it's probably the cdi but if i place a order for cdi and it's not this one the trouble dont refund me b

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