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  2. Is there some way to adjust the choke cable on these quads? Wont hit a lick with cable in .You can pull choke cable out of the carb putyour finger over the hole and it will fire rite up.LEt your finger off and it will idle high .Put your finger back over the hole and it dies .I have put a new kit in the carb and everythng was done to factory spec .But jst cant figure out whats up with the choke .Any info would be helpful and greatly appreciated.
  3. I have a 2002 vinson and had kinda the same problem once .I took and unplug and cleaned all my electrical plugs .They had mud caked in them from the previous owner it has ran fine since. Hope this helps.
  4. Hey guys I am from Cleveland Tn and am an avid rider .I ride prentice cooper alot .Have ridden Tellico before it closed .And also wind rock just wanted to say hi.
  5. I have an 1986 Bayou 300 klfb .I got a wiring harness for it last week .I have changed it and per the manual i have got it rite .But it wont do anything other than the lights come on . There is a female plug (white) And a male (black/yellow) That I can find nowhere to plug into .These wire comes from the harness its self .Also there was a black yellow that showed in the manual to be connected to the negative battery post and then a black to be grounded .There is a black that I ran from selenoid to pos post on battery this one had a white wire with a fuse also.Am I over looking something or jus

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