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  1. bryanta0502

    Truth about cheap top end kits

    Heres what I did- Don’t forget to hone the cylinder. Use lots of assembly lube. Before first start take out spark plug and turn engine over a few seconds to get oil flowing around a bit. Start it and let it idle for 30ish seconds, then rev it keep the rmps varying but not too high. This is so that the rings seat properly. And you need the variations to mimic the kind of conditions it will be facing while you ride- constantly changing rpms. Once it seems to be pretty well warmed up to regular operating temperature or you feel it has run long enough, let it cool down completely. Repeat the rev/cooling process 2 more times. Once you are ready to ride take it easy for the first 10 miles or so. Check all nuts/bolts periodically through this process. Hope this helps. The kit may come with recommended instructions also.
  2. bryanta0502

    Truth about cheap top end kits

    I purchased a cheap piston, rings, and gasket kit from ebay last year for my Suzuki King Quad 300. I was very skeptical when purchasing but so far I am very impressed with the results- the brand I used was Namura. I have only put about 100 miles on it since the top end rebuild and have had zero problems what so ever, and I have to admit that I probably take it too far when riding my quad and beat it very hard sometimes. The reason I replaced the original piston and rings was because it was burning oil and smoking badly, the new top end parts fixed this problem and has run like a top ever since! One thing I would recommend is to check ratings on the product itself and if possible on the seller.
  3. bryanta0502

    Does anyone buy parts on the Wish app

    I always purchase mine from ebay, amazon, or the babbits online parts house. Ive never heard of buying parts off of wish. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I am looking for fenders for a 1990-1998 suzuki king quad 300 for a reasonable price. I don’t really care what condition they are in as long as no chunks are missing.
  5. bryanta0502

    Torque Values

    I generally don’t bother to torque them- i just zip them on with my impact till they start to only slowly spin for a second or two, i put a little too much faith in the cotter pin i guess[emoji23] i have never had an issue doing this though
  6. bryanta0502

    Kawasaki Bayou 300

    Its most likely a breather hose. Should stay open on one end.
  7. bryanta0502

    Work vs play

    15/85 work to play for me haha
  8. bryanta0502

    1987 Yamaha Big Bear How To Test CDI

    If someone could find the link to this i would like to check it out. Sounds very interesting.
  9. Heres the wiring diagram i used to fix up my old bayou. Hope it may help you.
  10. bryanta0502

    1987 Yamaha Big Bear How To Test CDI

    Most of these bigger quad engines require a full 12 volts or at least a charge close to it, in order to power the ignition system. Weak battery/charge = weak or no spark most times
  11. bryanta0502

    1987 Yamaha Big Bear How To Test CDI

    Not necessarily, although that is not completely ruled out. What could be your issue is a lack of a full charge-12 volts or so- to everywhere it needs to go. If the solenoid is buzzing then there is something causing less power from getting through. Make sure your battery connections and other connections are tight and that all your grounds are good too. If a ground is corroded then sand it and see if that helps. Hope this helps.
  12. bryanta0502

    1987 Yamaha Big Bear How To Test CDI

    That buzzing may have come from the starter solenoid. I wonder if there is a bad ground somewhere[emoji848]
  13. bryanta0502

    1987 Yamaha Big Bear How To Test CDI

    That is in amazing condition! Great find! Im not sure on how to test the cdi box but first i would put a new battery in if the old one is bad or missing. Measure the dimensions of the battery compartment to find out what size you need.
  14. bryanta0502

    2000 Honda foreman won't shift. Manual tranny. Not ES

    Has the transmission/ engine been disassembled or rebuilt before this issue arised? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. bryanta0502

    2000 Honda foreman won't shift. Manual tranny. Not ES

    Does rocking the bike back and forth work to let it shift? Try adjusting the clutch first and see if that helps. If not then it might be a different clutch issue, gears in the transmission binding, locking up, or even fusing. If not that then your shift drum/forks are most likely worn. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk