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  1. right now about the only thing we will be running is the stereo, my cb, i have a hand held baofeng but will probable be adding a led flood light, oh and my wifes 12 volt electric blanket girl is always cold and i am hot
  2. wife is sorta tired of sitting behind me and her hints lean to a side by side but there is no sxs money here, cheaper to cut up a tracker or a vitara 4dr, already street legal with options just have to waterproof everything and have room for my dog. the cfmoto is on 2nd battery i think from advance, lawn tractor battery is bigger as was car battery so my obvious thought was bigger is better, thought somehow you would do like a car, get a higher output alternator, i see pics of rigs loaded like crazy and wonder how. we mostly run around in town and go north to trail ride
  3. i know, ive been looking at trackers to cage
  4. Wife wanted a radio so we got a radio, now she wants a sort of soft top so she wont get sunburned damn redheads, i want electronic toys but running out of room in front trying to keep rain and snow out of it
  5. i deff need more power, i would love to load my wheeler with electronics
  6. i am sure some one has switched from the dinky battery to a larger car car battery, so any advice? ive got enough bits and bobs on my atv that i feel i need to step up, i keep a float charger on it but i left it unplugged for about a week and it was dead and it a fairly new battery from advance auto, im probably gonna add a cb radio in the future and i think the only thin that has a constant draw is the clock in the dash and the memory for the stereo 2012 cf moto x5 500 lwb
  7. ooooooooooh man the 220 bayou was great, we had a kawasaki dealer 6 miles from us. they sold the crap out of em, they were everywhere seems you could just beat on them and they never noticed. a great set of tires and it will go anywhere, i have a treasured haynes manual for it i may have to go wrap it fancy paper
  8. nah it came camo already, i just covered the seat in waterproof fabric and canvas over the original vinyl. i did hydro dip the radio housing and will dip the cb radio housing once i figure out where to put it
  9. How did i get started? wow thats a tough one see my dad used an atv to help bury bodies in the woods when he...... oops never mind. Really my dad ran snowmobiles and i just never got into them. My first was a Honda Big Red 3 wheeler that spent most of its time upside down on top of me, never mastered the slide. You would think that would break my spirit but no i bought 3 more because i heard that chicks dig scars so i set out to set a record. My first quad was a 220 Bayou that came in boxes as a do it yourself kinda deal, on the upside i got several wire milk crates for free. Road that around for a buncha years sold that and ran across a deal on a 2012 CF MOTO X5 and have had it since 2016. I later bought another 220 Bayou rolling chassis to play with, maybe turn into a reverse trike or something.
  10. Go to ebay and find a aftermarket fan, i got a be kool fan with more cfm than my old fan, i think i spent like 20.00
  11. Do you still have your Equinox? How does it do with towing? Considering getting a Harbor Freight type trailer to pull my cf moto heavy ass atv. Never tried towing with a front wheel drive.

    1. Ajmboy


      I do but its AWD. It does ok towing my grizzly on a small trailer. Not sure what the tow rating is though. I already replaced the tranny on mine so I'm mindful not to tow really heavy things.

    2. redneck999


      mine came wired and has a small hitch but my 500 weighs like 900 plus pounds so im concerned, many thanks man

  12. yea funny story, anyone do this? think there is any problem with running it?
  13. i went through my service manual and there is nothing in it except removal of the guage cluster
  14. this is a video i found just by going to youtube but the only comment was 2 yrs ago and they asked the same question

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