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  1. Ya... why is it taking so long to count... has it ever taken this long?? Trump Train!!!
  2. maximus06r1

    Dune pics

    Love it!!!
  3. That is some awesomeness right there!!
  4. Just my 2 cents, but if you are trying to spray starting fluid into the carb and you can see that you have spark(and you know that you don't have it flooded)... you could try to take plug out crank it several times 1st-(good time to check spark again, and to make sure it wasn't flooded) -pour a SMALL amount of gas into the spark plug hole -Replace plug and try again cranking.... if it hits and dies quickly try gas into the carb again- -Try gas back in the carb again... if that doesn't work (and gas in the spark plug hole did)... you may have an issue with the inlet valve
  5. New to sight- 1994 Polaris Big Boss L400 6x6 issues- Just bought from a friends family member. Electrical issues- no lights at all (other then R on display), stop switch(have to choke to kill it), AWD button, 2 wires to front right steer tire solenoid disconnected and looks to have insulation melted off. Need chain length info.

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