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  1. It did download correctly. You sir are a saint (but we won't let that get out😀).
  2. I have a couple of 2001 Big Bear 400 YFM40FWN(C) full time 4X4 that is not air cooled but has oil cooler and haven't been able to find the correct service manual either.
  3. Figure out why it idles up and correct that. Then you will be able to shift. Higher idle is what is preventing it from shifting.
  4. Vern

    The Twins

    My twin 2001 Big Bear. Twins because they are identical (except for the red winch hook) with consecutive serial numbers.
  5. Vern


  6. That's exactly why I decided to join here. A lot more recent activity than others I saw.
  7. Reminds me of my horse going balls to the wall across the field when she decided to put the brakes on. Me on the ground, flat on my back holding onto the reins. She was looking down at me as if to say "What the he-- are doing down there boy?" Wasn't as soft a landing as you had, but was a lot cleaner.
  8. It's a shame that some try to game the system. I'm glad the forum is here and am willing to pay my dues.
  9. They didn't help at all with my older Big Bears. Got the most info from VIN View /// AnalogX along with a good breakdown of what each element of the VIN stands for.
  10. VIN View gave good breakdown of each element of the VIN, although it couldn't identify Yamaha as the manufacturer of my '01 Big Bear, nor model specifics. Cyclepedia was able to identify the manufacturer as Yamaha, but nothing else. Vin-Decoder just gave me an error. Guess that's what I get for hanging onto things that came into being when the Internet was in its infancy.
  11. Like others have said, I have been looking for a while and just decided to join. Looking forward to picking the expert's brain. Thanks, Verne
  12. Just joined the forum and wanted to say Hi. In the process of getting by 2 Big Bears running after a 6 year break. Don't know who needs more work, them or my knowledge bank. Have a good one,

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