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  1. If the leak is in a oil pressure galley the oil pressure would be higher than the coolant pressure so you would have oil in coolant but not the other way around. However in this case it would be in the radiator as well not just the overflow. (Radiator contents not specified in question). Also is oil disappearing over time with no smoke.
  2. It is definitely a Suzuki quadrunner (you can see part of the letters on the sticker) they're usually 250cc mine looks the same and it's a 1994
  3. I recently acquired the only one of these I've seen does anyone else have one?
  4. I have seen linhai bikes but not the ATVs state side. That is a decent looking machine.
  5. I believe that the spacers you have aren't the best quality most good spacers have an offset and include studs. However I will suggest pulling one of your studs and taking it to a commercial based advance Auto store or to a Napa they should have the knowledge to look through the catalogs and get you close
  6. There are special pullers for most of the Polaris clutches and with the way they work it is very hard to rig something that works and doesn't mess up the crank.
  7. Hi all i'm new to the concept of posting on forums but we'll see how it goes.
  8. If I was plug boot you would see "lightning tracks" on the boot it's self. My suggestion other than grounds as suggested previously (best way to check would be ohm meter from grounds of the cdi, coil, and engine case to battery negative post) would be to trace wires to the stator and make sure that there is not anything rubbed through especially where it goes through the case. Also I have had solder on the stator contacts get hot and degrade eventually coming appart especially with cheap stators. P.s. also check ground of engine case while trying to start if stator shorts internally it will sometimes give alternating ground/positive as engine turns
  9. Definitely gy6 based engine. The box on the rear axle should be FNR. Since it's on the axle I would expect that to be possibly an early 90s model. The thing I believe will be the key to identify it will be the brake handle mounted by the right knee. I've been around bikes and atvs state side for 24 years and haven't seen one with that set up.

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