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  1. In fact, I've seen at least two videos on youtube where the guy actually cuts the frame... only problem with that is my welding is worse than my attitude towards the TRX200
  2. I really.... REALLY... wish that whoever had designed the frame/engine for the TRX-200 had thought about giving people the ability to pull the head without having the remove the entire engine. I'm on round two of pulling this thing off / putting it back on.
  3. I dig the blue that Grizzly posted
  4. We've had the majority of our ATV trails in the area shut down because of trucks and ATVs rutting it up, going off trail, etc
  5. Heh.. I'm here for the exact same ATV and the exact same reason. Replacing the piston and cylinder as we speak. How's your project going?
  6. Anyone on here ride around the Farmington, Lewiston, Augusta area of Maine? I've had a wheeler for years but haven't had much luck finding legal connector trails and always end up riding little stubs. I'd love to chat about riding in the area.
  7. Personally I'd head up to the Machias neck of the woods... Long trails, great scenery from ocean to lakes

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