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  1. Weazel


  2. Some good info for people new to the sport, thanks for posting.
  3. I was thinking you could just back out the adjustment. I'm not sure how it attaches at the carb but there should be something on the handle bars.
  4. The manuals are definitely a carrot but everyone should kick in some info.
  5. Figured I would post since I'm a new member. Used to do a lot of desert riding when growing up but got out of it for quite some time. Decided to start dipping back in and bought a Suzuki 50cc and Polaris 90 cc quads for my kids to learn on. Looks like this forum has lots of good information. Hopefully I can learn and add to the community pool.
  6. Some do, depends on brand and model. Also could slack out the throttle cable so there is less travel?

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