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  1. It’s way worse when hitting the gas. At idle it’s fine 4460163F-F34B-4498-A873-34DC4555BE44.MOV
  2. did it get wet or any oil on it?
  3. dont need it. I almost bought the one with EPS but I like it without just as much and saved money for accessories.
  4. its a great machine for the money. All the power you really need. I have a 450 and its way more power than I need. add 10 HP to that and its great.
  5. I keep all sorts of stuff in it. Great for around the land to put tools in. When riding I usually keep water and food. It has a seal and is pretty waterproof too.
  6. i got the front bumper guard from Polaris and it looks awesome. another thing i did was add a kimpex nomad trunk too it an love it. gives my wife a place to sit and tons of storage. I modded the trunk to use lock and ride. Here is a video I followed to get it done. we went on a 10 hour ride and stored food and water in there and never ran out. Also has a place for a gas can for even longer rides.
  7. my 2018 450 has been having some starting issues. my check engine light flashes then goes away after it turns over. I am starting to wonder if it the ignition. try turning it half and wait a few seconds to let the fuel pump start. you will hear it hum a little. then try and turn it over and see if it does better.
  8. My battery is a year old on my 450 and I am starting to have some odd issues like my digital gauge is flashing when I drive it.
  9. i have a 2018 450 and with less than 100 miles I have noticed my rear suspension is sagging way more than it was when I got it. I do have a rear seat on it for my wife but she only weighs like 112 pounds. wondering about other shocks myself. it drives so soft like a dream though. Like a Cadillac of ATVs.
  10. I did the headlight mod to mine and its great. its nice to be able to see around turns at night.
  11. I have a 2018 450 and the digital gause has started flashing on an off while driving. The backlit also goes on and off. It is worse when I hit the gas. The battery died a few weeks ago and I jumped it but its been fine until last night. Called the dealer and showed them a vid and they recommend replacing the gauge and its like 600 bucks. The machine has less than 100 hours on it. I would really hate to have to change it out. also the unit sometimes has trouble starting. Any ideas?

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