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  1. FlyingJBIRD


  2. Thanks for the help... my boy had a blast... stalled a couple times over the weekend and backfired a handful of times but ran like a champ...
  3. 2018 sportsman 450 and 2007 Polaris Phoenix 200...
  4. Worked air bubble out of gas filter and it went back to running great... but air bubble keeps coming back... what did I do wrong?
  5. This is my new plug after 10 mins of running... what's off??
  6. Put on a new carburetor new gas lines new gas filter new air filter... started first bump... let it warm up over 5 mins... took it around the yard and it rand great... came back out 10 mins later started right back up took another pass around the yard and it dies again... refuses to start back up... could it be the coil or cdi box... anyway to test?
  7. Had some time today to tear into the Phoenix and found this wasp nest completely blocking in air intake onto air box... I'm thinking this may have been a contributing factor...
  8. Is the kit different from what you could pull off a wrecked eps?
  9. Checked it out and wires are good I couldn't do anything to make a connection between them... I've found one possible issue in the carburetor with the needle that comes in thru top... do you know where the clip came set at factory?
  10. I've bought a used 2007 Polaris Phoenix 200... it's in pretty good shape... but after it starts, warms up, a few minutes of my son riding around yard it will die... it refuses to start back until the next day, then same thing again... I've seen this is a problem but haven't found any real answers... my son is driving me crazy to get him back riding... any help is greatly appreciated...
  11. I have an 2007 Phoenix doing the same thing... warms up runs perfect the suddenly dies and refuses to start back... did you ever find s fix

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