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  1. Azrial

    caught by wire

    That is quite a "near death" experience! I am glad to see that you survived. My friend died that way from a cloths line while ridding his dirtbike.
  2. Dash mount to cleanly add gauges, switches and a radio to my 2008 Kawsaki Teryx LE 4x4.
  3. Thanks, but I could not find the product listed for sale on their site anyway, even with a search.
  4. Azrial


  5. I recently bought a 2008 Kawasaki Teryx LE 4x4. It is an old beast, but in super good condition with only 30 original hours on it. It belonged to an old man who used it to check his mail some days. I have a very steep piece of property and intend to use it as a light weight tractor. I would also like to score a spare set of wheels to mount some Turf-type tires on it. Every now and then I may use it as a patrol vehicle when working a large property. I am a semi-retired cop and do this kind of work on the side. My intentions are to mount lights, a winch, and perhaps a stereo to it. Other than that, I am afraid that stock will be good enough for me!
  6. Great review! I find the fuel level viewing window on my 2008 to be completely unreadable.
  7. Pretty cool! Do you think that it has enough bouncy to float?
  8. I just picked up a 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750 LE 4x4 and am looking for Wench Suggestions. It was used by an old man to check his mail and only has 30 hours on it! I intend to use this on my very steep property like a small tractor. I had a old Ford 1220 Tractor and with its high center of gravity and lack of 4 wheel drive it was useless! To the point, I am looking a wench suggestions to help my new tool do its job! Even though the front bumper is drilled for a wench, I understand that I need a wench plate and that some wenches will not fit without body mods. Does 3500 Lbs capacity sound right? Thanks!
  9. Azrial


    Amazing! I just bought mine to use like a tractor on very hilly and steep property. I had no idea it was so off-road capable!
  10. Mine is rather loud as well. I already have damaged hearing from my work. I am wondering if their is a practical way to reduce the noise. At this point I am wearing ear muffs when operating it. I am using the 3M Work Mates, and as a plus I can now hear my cellphone ring!

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