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  1. anyone have the manual for a 2013 sportsman 500HO? BTW I uploaded the 2015-2017 Ranger service manual yesterday for those interested
  2. View File 2015-2017 Polaris Ranger XP Crew 570 900 1000 Service Manual full service manual for 2015-2017 Polaris Ranger XP Crew 570 900 1000 Submitter Wicked Submitted 08/12/2019 Category Polaris UTV  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    full service manual for 2015-2017 Polaris Ranger XP Crew 570 900 1000
  4. Air compressor, straps/recovery gear, flashlight, plug kit, basic tools and emergency blanket
  5. Did you decide what you were going to get?
  6. Thanks I love it so far just gave her a bath in this pic after bringing her home What don’t you like about the sportsman?
  7. I use my ATV for my ranch and for camping/hunt trips. I decided on the Polaris Sportsman xp1000. Do I really need all that power? No, but its nice for the time you really do (I mostly keep it in work or standard mode). So far its been a work horse and have no complaints for its performance as a work vehicle on my ranch or a trail rider. My only complaint is the rear axle being locked 100% of the time. On my Ranger xp1000 I can toss it in turf mode to not tear up my driveway and yard - to me not having turf mode is my one an only complaint.
  8. I have always been on street and dirt bikes. But got a ranch a few years ago and picked up a Polaris Ranger. That naturally lead me into an ATV about 18 months later. No that I have it, its the one thing I ride the most and great for shores/work
  9. Thanks @colin james just what I was looking for
  10. Nice write up, does the alignment help with shimmy/shake I feel at higher speeds (30MPH+). This is on a xp1000. ITs done this since day one and was not sure if it could be alignment or I should look at tire balance
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