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  1. I kept seeing kits with a Namura top end set and a cylinder.. I finally went to their site and couldn't find a complete kit with a cylinder, just the top end parts. I contacted them and they said they don't offer cylinders and that any kits I see are pieced together but not by them. Other than the Namura kit, I wasn't able to find anything else like that so I'm going to "assume" this is an oem cylinder. Powerseal told me OEM was cast iron sleeved and this is cast iron. I can run around town dealing with a local machine shop but just to be done with it, going to send it probably to Powerseal since I have used them before and they were a little cheaper than Millennium and that bike is still running fine after 7 years.
  2. Thanks for the link. I am thinking I am going to just work with what I have and send the cylinder off to Powerseal or Millennium and let them repair it and be done with it.
  3. I am trying to find a used OEM cylinder for the above mentioned quad. I was told the current cylinder came from Amazon so I suspect its aftermarket china (made from recycled coat hangers and shopping carts.) Anyway, was looking at the parts list and they have 2 cylinders listed.. 11210-19B82-0F0 MODEL X/Y and.. 11210-19B90-0F0 MODEL K1/K2 My engine case is stamped K403 230829 Trying to figure out what model I have. I see I have a K in there but.... I don't know what the differences are between the cylinders (the first one cost more). Anybody know how to decipher this? I only have the engine, I don't have the frame to get the actual VIN. Also, are there any marks on an OEM cylinder to differentiate it from aftermarket?
  4. I like the laid back aerodynamic snorkels.
  5. First mistake was chunking what I assume was an OEM carb for a cheap knock off from china. Carb was most likely leaking due to the float valve not sealing in its seat. Usually just replace the seat and the valve and problem solved. I know you said you "messed" with the float. But if it's not adjusted correct, it can also allow the carb to overflow. Most likely, its the seat not sealing.
  6. I would consider that chunks of missing parts!
  7. There is a lot of science that goes into a 2 stroke pipe. Way beyond my wheelhouse.
  8. I've done some work on knock off scooter and ran into that same issue with Chinese parts being bad right out of the box.
  9. From my experience, usually if it's not OEM, it's going to be from China.
  10. I like to use http://www.2wheelpros.com/ to look up items. At the top of the page on the right is a button that says OEM PARTS. When you hit that it you will be taken to a page with most all manufactures listed. They have one of the best layouts to look up parts I have found. I often then use https://www.partzilla.com/ since they have a warehouse close to where I live so it's always fast shipping.
  11. Make sure the low speed jet in the carb is not clogged.
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