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  1. I have the 2003 manual i thank you for your time and its nice to be a member of the site...........the two years are different cdi's the 06 has 1 extra wire the 03 was 8 pin the 06 is 16 but only 9 pins are used. I have a cdi and harness from a sawtooth im trying to keep the pred with its original harness and just incorporate the sawtooth cdi i know it can be done. All cdi boxs do the same thing some are just ac and some are dc which is what the pred is. Ive got a cpl other cdi's but i think the sawtooth is my best bet. If i was rich id just buy a oem unit but i dont got it like that unfortunately so i gotta try and get by with what i got! Any input or ideas on this i encourage an thanks once again ......
  2. this is why im super thankful for security cameras i think everybody should have some with a dvr Its pretty bad we have to go that far into protecting our belongs
  3. I hope you find your bike. I also hope whoever took it is caught and punished
  4. Some people think this is the way through life.........its a shame
  5. Sounded like the exhaust was leaking at the head also you might try checking your crank bearings rod bearing and wristpin for play....what plug are you running?
  6. Hi guys im new here and ive been doing alot of research on my polaris predator i was wondering if anyone on here has wired a different cdi up on there quad? Not a direct replacement that would simply just plug in. I know my white an w/red wires go to my pulsar my green an blue go to my reverse coil but im unsure which is + and which is ground also brown/w is a ground correct? What about purple? Black goes to my kill switch and red is my 12v supply........then ive got yelloww/red , yellow / yellow that goes to my rectifier..........any input on this subject is greatly appreciated thank you all
  7. What exactly is going on with your honda i had a 08 footshift model it was a workhorse no doubt about it but the fuel system can be a giant pain in the rear.............i had alot of problems with the pump
  8. Sounds like your foot shifter is loose around the splines try looking at that also what kind of oil are you running?
  9. Can some one please email this service manual to me [removed] thank you in advance i lack the requirements to download it..... Im putting this quads cdi box on my predator i also need a manual/wiring diagram for a 06 500 tld if anyone Can shed some light on the wire colors/what they do individually youd be my saviour👌😁

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