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  1. It is a 1999 and I guess I just want something newer>Thanks Chuck
  2. :GEEK:Hello Riders---I want to buy a new atv to ride trails with. Iam 68 years old and have had atv for a lot of years now. I have a Grizzly 600 and a Polaris 325 trail boss now and want to sell them and get a new ride. I know years ago there was a big differance in Atv but the new ones seem all alike. I would like something around 500 cc. Is there one out there that stands out better than all the rest. Iam not a real hard ridder but I like to use it for what they are made for. Thanks Chuck
  3. Yes- I bought a 3000lb power pro-And I love it. Install was right on. The thing that took the most time was running the wires as everbody has a different way of doing that. My wires are all out of site.Gives my old Ride a new life and my friends feel safter with my 6oo around. This is as good as a warn and a lot cheaper in price only. Chuck
  4. Hello Riders--Thinking of getting a new winch for my ATV and thinking which would be the best winch line to get. Any ideas??? Thanks Chuck
  5. Hello Riders. I know that this is a silly ??? I have a Yamaha 1999 Grizzly 600. How fast will it run and what would be a safe speed to ride a long way on a good forset road. My unit is in good shape and it does noe wolble at speed. Thanks Chuck
  6. :confused:HELLO riders---Do any of you have a stock trailer hitch that will fit my 1999 Yamaha Grizzly 600?????? Thanks Chuck
  7. :biggrin:Well riders---I found out why my front end would not engage... You are not going to believe this but the rubber boot that covers the front of the drive shaft was torn and let the shaft silde back about 3/8". Now who would have thought that this boot is what holds the shaft into the front end. AC did not have a clue what was wrong. I found out my just messing around trying to figure out this Prolblem. Any body else haveing this prolblem check and make sure the boot is not torn. Chuck:cute:
  8. Hello--I have a 2004 Arctic Cat 500. When I select 4 wheel drive nothing happens. I can hear the solind working but no front lock up. Need help---

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