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  2. :ola::bannana_guitar: O wow this is so cool... i actually won .. this was the first time i entered a contest .. and i cant believe i won... :seeyac:i just want to say thanks to every one who voted for me ... and say thanks to quadcrazy for having theese cool contests on this cool site ... and i cant for get my dad for getting me into the great world of atv riding and racing ... :bouncing_smiles: again .. thanks ...
  3. here is a close up pic of the pin sticking out the side of my arm:confused:
  4. :confused:this pic is of my arm with the pin sticking out ...with the plastic safety cap on the end of the pin... and its still kinda funny looking ana not in the right position ...lol..this is b4 they put the cast on it ...
  5. :confused:this pic is of the bandages on it after surgery to put the pin in it ..the 2 long tubes are for a cooling system in the bandages to keep swelling down..
  6. well me an my dad went for a ride with a few friends last sunday and we hit a rut and the BIG POLARIS 500X2 rolled over and got me good ... i broke both bones in my right arm and dislocated a bone in my wrist .. here is a pic with more to follow ...
  7. this is me on my flat track race quad in the snow a couple winters ago...
  8. they make a utility style rack to put on the 400ex and it dosent stick out any more than the stock grab bar ..
  9. i have mobil synthetic in mine .. my dad changes it .. an thats what he put in it
  10. my dad bought me my first quad when i was 3 ...lol.. been riding ever sence
  11. yup thats a good 1 ther ...man ...lol
  12. well the post miner did it but only by a hand full it shure was a close 1 lol
  13. i think mario has had 2 many polaris 4x4's have to pull him out of the mudholes lol

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