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  1. thanks for the help is there any way to play with the stock clutch???
  2. thanks for the help i have cleaned the carb and it is all good now seems i had some mud in there would not know how that happened..lol now the only thing is that if i let the bike sit for a day or two i have to pump the carb primer a time or two to start it is that the norm??? and thanks again for the help
  3. not sure if it could cause that have you put in a new needle and seat. for the cost of one i would try that and check the float aswell. look to see if there is gas in the float aswell i have seen them fill with gas and mess up all the setting.
  4. are you sure its not flooding on start up and if it is check the float height if is off then its dumping to much fuel in and could foul the plug and would give you the smell of gas.
  5. Hey just wondering about clutch kits and if they a worth putting in I have an 05 500cat auto and just use it for the trail and on the ice. Not into being the fastest but would like a little more get up and go it seems a little sluggish on the take off any suggestions on what to do???
  6. hello new to the site. I have an 05 500 and it will not idle in the cold or warm i have to pump the gas on the carb then it will start then i have pump it a few times or hold it on a fast idle or it will quit if i want to let it sit and warm up i have to keep it at a fast idle then have to slow it down so it will go into gear. have not taken the carb off yet??? wondering where to look first thanks

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