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  1. Ive been looking around and reading alot about these clutch kits. There seems to be many out there and many different types. I do mostly trail riding and mud bogging. But alot more trail riding and some road riding. I would like a kit that gives me more lower torque and basically alot more power. Pretty much want the best kit for power. I run stock tires and i have no added mods to the bike, its all stock. I would like some advice on which kits you would recommand and which sites would you use and also what other mods would you added for better performance. I really dont want to mess with the computer much or add mods that will basically destroy the quad in no time. Runs and drives great now so i dont want that to change but if there performance parts out there that make the bike better i would like to look at them. So if anyone has mods done to there quad that they liked and they noticed added performance let me know.
  2. did u ever end up finding out what the problem was and if so what was it or what did you do, i have an 05 and i think its doing the same thing
  3. here's the deal, was riding it all day long, i started noticing a random popping noise coming out of the exhaust pipe, was anything to loud but would randomly do that. After about 3 hours of riding the bike started to hestiate, did that a few times so i just started to give it more gas and then i came to a stop and it was like the bike was misfiring or something and then it would stall. It was doing that for a few times, would keep stalling. Then i tried to start it up and it wouldnt start just kept cranking and cranking. then if i turned the key off and let it sit for a minute or to it would start back up. Then when i continued to ride it seemed like the bike didnt have any power and kept wanting to stall. i would put it into neutral and rev it up and it seemed to do a little better. Not sure what the problem is. I havent messed with it yet but i figured i would put this on here first to get some quich pointers or to see if anyone else had this same problem. I have no fi light or anything comming on.

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