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  2. also you need to check battery voltage (at the battery)when your machine is running. should be 13.8-14.2volts constantly even when rpms are increased.
  3. you need to check the connector from your stator. they are very prone to failure! the connector melts and causes a short. this connector is of poor design. as for the pulling to the side your caliper may be seizing or a very bad wheel bearing. i dont know the history of your machine so its hard to tell
  4. just wondering if anyone has an epi clutch kit installed in there wheeler? if so maybe you could tell me a few dislikes if you have any? im purchasing at big wheel kit for mine should be here tuesday.
  5. thanks guys ill rip into it and see wth is goin on with it......it finally stopped snowing for a few days!
  6. 2008 700 with 170 miles on it. first 160 miles was trail riding ive since been plowing snow thats it. i have to give almost 1/4 throttle now before it will move? also i have to use the reverse override everytime i back up otherwise it will cut out before i even move. ive heard of a secondary clutch upgrade what is this? i havent checked the belt yet because it wont stop snowing long enough.....lol! that was laugh with sarcasm for sure! is it possible the belt is worn that much already?
  7. hey swapcat im definetly interested in bypassing the reverse override any help will be appreciated i ride an 08 700efi im thinkin 07 was the same?
  8. just thought id ask if anyone has figured out how to bypass the reverse override completely in other words figured out to make it so you dont have to push and hold the "yellow button" at all. id like full reverse power in 2wd and 4wd. anyone figured it out?
  9. do you suppose the wiring diagram for a 2008 is the same as 2007?

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