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  2. pull the top head off and you will get to the cam and the timing chain. make sur the motor is top dead center on compression stroke. the on the cam chain gear is 2 lines . line them up with the head and it should be timed.
  3. my ltf250 4x4 had the same problem. i replaced the plug and adjusted the carb because it had a fouled plug when i pulled it out. try a new plug and maybe a fuel pump because my fuel pump went bad and it did the same thing, like there was a vaccum leak. and there also may be air in the fuel line and pump
  4. they bothe click into gear but they only move a little bit and stop and not move further
  5. does anyone know how to adjust a clutch on a 1980s quadrunner 250 or 1998 kingquad 300? all help is appreciated. thanks.

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