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  1. Polaris Razr 800 -vs- 170cc --- --- Cab: --- Rear:
  2. As well as allot of Pork Barrel spending, to the tune of 300 billion. Also, illegal immigrants are quallified for tax rebate checks to the tune of $500 to $1000 per person, wtf?
  3. "700's no problem" You haven't been in the right place at the right time, then )
  4. Older post - revisited. And I thought that the title of this thread was "2009 Yamaha Lineup" All I see is Smack Talk of other - Brands... tisk - Tisk - TISK! Very decieving.
  5. H/M to my knowledge used to have a weekend pass, that was less than an annual pass... whatever happened to that? H/M will not get my dollar, either! What I can see here is both parks are becoming greedy. Everyone is in the cash flow, slump... why are these types of venues seting their fees so high?
  6. Yes and love it! I race on a 500 foot porta tree dirt drag strip. But my Raptor 700R is not soley a drag bike... I love trail riding, far to much! "Straight Jacket - Racing"
  7. And here is a cool little picture of my one off front grab. As well as a mini me:
  8. Here is my Yamaha Raptor 700R SE - 50th Anniversary. It is a real fire breathing - ride. Most of the time I trail ride, but it can be found on a monthly basis, on a 500 foot dirt drag strip. Its a real rush to ride!
  9. And not even close to what an out of the box Raptor has, for its powerplant.
  10. Favorite all time would undoubtedly be, hands down the 1989 Honda 250R But my 06 Yamaha Raptor SE comes in on a very close second!
  11. Quad tracks in field! The rest of your questions will need to be answered after all the facts are weighed in! And I guess I am driving a GOLF CART!
  12. The HRP Flak Jak is of the clam shell design! This product does not need to go over the head to apply, it also opens from the side! Once you have the Leatt applied, the HRP opens up from the side and you slide it over your chest and snap it on and your are ready to give the track and or in my case trail, hell!
  13. Here is my chest protector: Link: HRP SPORTS Our Flak Jak LT is designed specifically to fit comfortably around your Leatt-Bracetm (not included). HRP does not endorse nor is in any way associated with Leatt Corporation or the Leatt-Brace. We only use the Leatt Brace term to describe the fact that our chest protector is designed to fit around this product. The Flak Jak IMS(chest protector) Designed with our exclusive IMS(Impact Management System) padding system. The Impact Management System (IMS) utilizes air management to absorb the energy of impact. Air movement is restricted by the size of the gaps in the seam. The restriction of air creates resistance, which allows the air to absorb the energy of the impact when it is forced out of the pad. This chest protector is designed to be more of a protector than your average roost protector. However, this chest protector is not designed to protect against all falls or crashes. Some reasonable, forseeable impacts may exceed the units capacity to protect the user against injury or death. HRP Sports with the Flak Jak padding system adds a new level in quality, protection and performance, giving you more riding confidence. *Leatt-Bracetm trademark is owned by Leatt Corporation. Flak Jak LT Caps Anatomically molded caps are designed to fit around the Brace without interfering with the brace or the rider's movement. We utilize the same protective net suspension and nitrolyte padding system technology as our other race tested models. E-Leat Latch Systemtm Our Exclusive E-Leat Latch Systemtm allows the rider to properly position their Brace on their body before putting their chest protector on over the front and back lower member of the Brace. It also allows for easy removal and adjustment of the front and back panels. IMS Padding System Our Exclusive IMS(Impact Management System) padding utilizes the displacement of Air to transfer the energy of impact Removable for easy cleaning.
  14. The number ONE Safety Equipment that any money can buy is the Leatt Neck Brace... when you break a bone you have pain, but when you break your neck, you have no pain ever again! Here is my number ONE Saftey Equipment: And this is what it looks like when worn:
  15. When and if I find anything else out, I will keep Quad Crazy... updated! I have posted this on several boards and if you know of any others, pleae feel free and throw it on them too! We as ATVer's need to come together when these such attrocities are inflicted on anyone or anyhting that is completely innocent and or harmless!!!
  16. Would you look at the B.S. this is something that I have zero time for and if any of my four letter words need to be editied, then go ahead and do it, Modeartors! This f_ing bull shit must f_ing stop... If the authorities can not find these worthless f_ing assholes then we as a ATV Community MUST come together and find these worthless assholes and place them inside the pokey for as long as they continue to breathe! Link: Blind pony may have been dragged to death Story: Blind pony may have been dragged to death Friday, May 02, 2008 By Linda Wilson Fuoco, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Kahlua was a sweet pony who gently carried children on his back and was always the first in his pasture to trot up to and greet visitors. On Wednesday his owner was horrified to find the blind pony dead in his pasture in Shenango Township, Mercer County. Large pieces of skin were missing from both back legs, and a bone in one hind leg was broken. "We think he was hit by a vehicle or roped and dragged," said Renee Dorogy, humane agent for the Humane Society of Mercer County. "There are tire tracks in the pasture, we think from an ATV." Ms. Dorogy held a press conference today to announce that $500 has been donated as a reward for information about the incident. Four other horses in the pasture were not injured, though they have some cuts and scratches. Their owner, Tory Morgan of Sharon, believes they were spooked and ran away from whoever brought a vehicle into the pasture. "But Kahlua was blind," Ms. Dorogy said. "He wouldn't have seen what was coming. And he was very sweet. He always went up to people." Kahlua is a breed known as POA -- Pony of the Americas. The breed was started in 1954, when a Shetland pony stallion was bred to an Arab/Appaloosa mare. Kahlua was 10 years old and Ms. Dorogy described his color as "pale champagne, almost white." The number to call with information is 724-981-5445. IF YOU LIVE IN THE VICINITY OF SHENANGO, PA, MERCER COUNTY... KEEP YOUR EARS OPEN AND IF YOU GET ANY SORT OF TIPS OF SOMEONE USING ATV'S INORDER TO KILL KHALUA A 10 YEAR OLD BLIND PONY, TAKE IT TO THE POLICE AND GET THESE WORTHLESS ASSHOLES OFF OF THE STREETS God does this PISS ME OFF! If this were the 1860's then these peices of shit would not be breathing one more second, if it were up to me!

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