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  2. OK, I put the 12v to the starter and the starter spins but does not throw out to the engine to turn over. I pulled the clutch cover and tried to turn the engine over by hand. It turned about half a turn and stopped and locked up. When I look down the spark plug well with the scope the metal piece is gone. I guess that it is a ring. Any advice on replacing the rings on this engine? Can it be done in the frame?
  3. Hey guys you helped me before on my 700 Sportsman now I am asking for help again. Here is the story. I purchased a 2005 Polaris Ranger 6x6 with a 500 carbureted engine from a government surplus auction. It was missing the ECM Module and the magnetic switch that goes to the starter. I replaced ECM with a used unit and the switch with a new unit. After putting in a new battery and turned the key nothing happened. I get lights but no engine turn over and not even a click in the switch or starter. I pulled the spark plug and the tip of the spark plug is bent. When I put a scope down into the engine I see a piece of something across the port where the spark plug goes (See attached pic). Not sure if it is a ring or what. My question is what next? Do I have to pull the engine to replace the rings / check the piston? Is that wire across the port supposed to be there? If I have to pull the engine does anyone have the procedure to do that? Can I change the rings with the engine in the frame? Thanks again for any suggestions. I have common sense and a bunch of tools. I just need to know what is the best way to do this.
  4. Yes, it does have a start in gear function, and yes the brake light comes on when I pull the hand brake in to start it.
  5. Yes it is turning turning and the engine is turning over. Battery at full charge and it will just turn over and over.
  6. Ok, Buck you'er the man. It starts with the pull start (never thought of that). Fuses all are good. But why will it not start with the electic start? At least I'm rolling again.
  7. Just joined and hope someone out there can help. I am having an issue with my 2000 Arctic Cat 500 with 1,000 miles on it. All of a sudden it will not start. It was running fine all hunting season then three weeks ago it wouldnt start. It has spark and fuel gets to the carb. I have a service CD and it lists issues of not starting but without spark or without fuel to carb, but not one with spark and with fuel getting to carb. This is what I have done so far with no luck. I have drained and changed the fuel and added an inline fuel filter, cleaned the carb three times, replaced the choke cable (no reason just thought it might help),cleaned the air filter and changed the spark plug. What else could it be? I did not want to buy a CDI box or ignition coil without knowing for sure that is what it is. Would a bad CDI box still allow spark? Help....

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