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2005 Polaris Ranger 500 6x6 Engine

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Hey guys you helped me before on my 700 Sportsman now I am asking for help again. Here is the story. I purchased a 2005 Polaris Ranger 6x6 with a 500 carbureted engine from a government surplus auction. It was missing the ECM Module and the magnetic switch that goes to the starter. I replaced ECM with a used unit and the switch with a new unit. After putting in a new battery and turned the key nothing happened. I get lights but no engine turn over and not even a click in the switch or starter. I pulled the spark plug and the tip of the spark plug is bent. When I put a scope down into the engine I see a piece of something across the port where the spark plug goes (See attached pic). Not sure if it is a ring or what. My question is what next? Do I have to pull the engine to replace the rings / check the piston? Is that wire across the port supposed to be there? If I have to pull the engine does anyone have the procedure to do that? Can I change the rings with the engine in the frame? Thanks again for any suggestions. I have common sense and a bunch of tools. I just need to know what is the best way to do this.

Ranger500 003.jpg


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Not familiar with the machine but doesthat piece of metal move when you turn the engine over by hand?

If it does move it might be a piece of ring. If not it might be a piece of head gasket maybe.

As far as the starter solenoid could you manually put 12v across the terminals to see if it attempts to turn over. Best bet would be to use a Powerprobe.

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OK, I put the 12v to the starter and the starter spins but does not throw out to the engine to turn over. I pulled the clutch cover and tried to turn the engine over by hand. It turned about half a turn and stopped and locked up. When I look down the spark plug well with the scope the metal piece is gone. I guess that it is a ring. Any advice on replacing the rings on this engine? Can it be done in the frame?

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I would pull it out and go over the whole thing because you do not know the history behind it. Check the cam to make sure it is not bent also.

As for not starting with the key check for missing or blown fuses. They may have taken the fuse out so that no one cranks over the motor and cracks the case or does additional damage.

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