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  2. i am also having prob uploading a 243mb .mov from pc. it says loading... i let it go forever, then it goes back to the screen asking for file and description.
  3. Yeah I hear ya, now I can afford the atv & health insurance.
  4. im from st louis. i have been to Southfork in Il twice. have u been there? i liked it but we have closer places this weekend we r camping at Moonlight Racing in Sullivan, mo. No rules, anything with wheels is allowed. unfortunately i wont be riding, but the family will get a chance to
  5. hehe, it was fun! (the camera angle was workin for me that day im sure) that was back in my younger years. now i'm feeling old and broken
  6. welcome to qc! r u close to st louis?
  7. Good Morning! It is 9am on Friday morning. just heard the first dirtbike go past the house heading towards the trails. sounds like a 2 stroke...I love my neighborhood!
  8. I’ve been meaning to post here, but haven't seen any other ladies post in a while, and every time I would start, I would get lured away by the family. (with a broken butt bone, I have some extra time on my hands) Anyway, my name is Nina from St Louis, MO. I have a wonderful husband who rides a KTM 300 dirtbike, and a beautiful daughter learning to ride a Raptor 50. She will be 4 in June. For those of you who don't know, I recently upgraded from the Suzuki 250 Ozark to a Honda TRX400x. Been a big change from one bike to the other, but I’m likin the power of the new bike. I am the Office Man

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