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  2. got it going!!! TX to all for the comments
  3. Hi everyone!!!toooooooooo hot to ride here in the East Other than the obvious (that is physically see if it fits) Can someone venture a guess as to whether a plow (classic country model) that I had on a 1995 Suzuki 4x4 will fit my newly purchased 2007/2008 used 400F Suzuki Eiger 4x4?? -Automatic... I have ALL the brakets and lift handle from the old quad. The guy I bought the old quad from said he got the plow from a Suzuki dealer and they put it on several years after he bought the quad so I am thinking it might be a universal set up???? Just thought I'd send this out for discussion. THANKS BOB
  4. OXBLK can you send me the manual for a 2008 suzuki eiger??? TX BOB
  5. Oxidized Black BINGO after all the several electrical items I fixed /or replaced-which were shot, the last item causing a problem was a bad connection at the battery--YOU WERE RIGHT-TX quad starting up A-OK
  6. Hi I could use the 2008 suzuki 400ltf manual how do I get it from you?? TX BOB
  7. For those techno folks out there!!!! How does one test the starter relay on a quad??? I am told that you can not test it unless it is on the unit??? @ the highest level one could say if the quad does not start the relay is shot BUT how does one test it electronically??? with a meter??? Thanks BOB
  8. Could use some thoughts /help with this one PLEASE!!! When I depress the starter button (with the key turned on neutral lite on and oil light on) the quad does not start that is no juice gets to starter to engage it. BUT the elelectric at the consol cuts out/shuts off -lites neutral lite and oil lights go out AND the starter relay makes a funny sound and vibrates if you hold it. Then if I shut the key off and wait a minute or so and then turn the key back on the electric/juice comes back on. I am 100% sure jucie is getting to the starter relay in question the fuse is OK-does not blow out It appears it's resetting itself????? I am thinking that the starter relay --the unit next to the battery where 1 wire comes from the battery and the other goes to the starter is shot????????????????????????? I would take it to a shop but they are relativley far away and I'd have to leave the quad and then go back for it- time consuming and expensive I am sure????? SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO could I PLEASE hear from the crowd on this???? Thanks ever so much- Elder statesman- BOB
  9. tx for diagram figured out the quad is a 2008 and has a different wiring set up. Got missing relay from Ronnies , it came and is right BUT still will not fire up I know think the starter relay is shot. When I depress the started button the starter relay clicks and then the electric goes off. BUT comes back on in a few minutes --like some sort of relay resets itself--- shops are super busy and so I think I'll just buy a new starter relay and see it's the problem.
  10. This is one of the best web sites I've ever joined!!! Not only do folks respond with help they are all freindly and honest!!!
  11. Found part I need on Ronnie's TX to member who suggested that site!!!!
  12. found out my quad was made in 07 but because of it's date of mfg'r it's considered an 08 --I think I found the part it's called a neutral relay and is part of the fise box. Rick's parts!!!
  13. Found the part I need it's a Densco (sp?)relay that goes in the fuse box under the seat # 016700-4430 does anyone know where I can order it??/ TX BOB

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