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  2. hey everybody so im kinda stuck between a rock and a hard plate ...I rebuilt my top end last week took it out and was running decent I added a lil more oil so I kept fouling plugs (my fault) but as I was going home I got about 500 yards away and I broke my clutch cable so I rode it home and put it away... I got my clutch cable and put it on and she feel over and broke my throttle tube.... now it dosnt wanna start I took my top end back off and the the top was just full of coolant I drained everything and what not and its all back together ...it still wont start I have gas good compression and air the only thing it leaves is spark or electrical issues.. any insight on how to fix my problem would be greatly apprecitated
  3. hey everybody havnt been on in awhile so heres whats goin on..last summer i traded my 87' 250x for a 93 cr125r things a beast love it...painting it at the moment still strippen paint.. if anyone knows were to get some cheap aftermarket parts it would be greatly appreciated thanks cory
  4. nothings leaking its all working stops on a dime
  5. Thanks but i got it loose enough to take a link out its working good but my front brake cylinder is making a popping sound do any of u know why?
  6. i have and 87 250x and it has way to much slack ive tryed to tighten it but it just dosnt tightin anymore..can any1 tell me what i can do.. it dosnt have enough slack to take a link out thanks cory
  7. same here my bike had no spark then i un pluged the kill witch all together and it got spark
  8. try the mpst stupid crap u can think of i had a 200 es with those its the stupid shit that dont make it work... try some carb spray or starter fluid in the carb
  9. you need gas spark and air for a motor to run if u have spark make sure ur getting gas then check ur air box if ur getting all that its prolly electrical issue ur have and take it to ur local shop and have them test it it cost me 40.00 to do it
  10. it may sound stupid but it happened to me check the electric start if it has 1 the wire coulda shorted making it not start or the coil mighht be bad
  11. Some1 wanted to buy my quad of craigslist what price do u guys think it worth its in rele good condition for the year juss rear tires are flat
  12. No where could i get 1
  13. No its on the top in the center
  14. prolly time for some new tires

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