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  2. Morning Folks Ok so I have taken the front hubs apart everything is good and working fluids changed and full In 2 wheel drive the bike works great However in 4 wheel drive high I get a grinding clunking noise right near the foot pegs The universals are all brand new in the complete bike The problem just started after my last ride Sometimes I have to change the rpm to get the bike to go into gear in forward and reverse The bike doesn't make the grinding noise when I have the bike in 4 wheel driver low gear only in high gear Could the shifter need adjusting any help would be great Thanks for
  3. Hello My friends OK here go's so I have a 1998 500 4x4 Polaris Sportsman Could someone please tell me what oils I need for my bike I have Polaris premium 4 synthetic 10 W-40 for the motor I got that no problem Drained and changed after the fuel shut off leaked back and filled the motor with gas and oil It wasn't the needle valve and seat But I put a new carb kit in just in case after I changed the fuel shut off valve. Issues gone and runs great This is where I'm confused the front hubs when I checked them where almost dry so I have Polaris on demand drive hub fluid its very thin and blue
  4. Thanks I found the drain plug right in front of my eyes the whole time just needed to get under the bike more all is good Gas and oil is all out I have ordered a new carb kit and a new gas shut off valve What kind of oil is everyone using in there bike I was going to put bell ray oil back in but its pretty costly 10 bucks a litre I was told not to use car oil as it doesn't have the anti foaming agents needed to stop the foaming that happens in bikes Any help would be great Thanks OLD COMET
  5. Thanks you are the man !!!!! Got all three Now I got some reading to do LOL
  6. Hello Bud I went there No polaris listed Just KTM Honda Kawasaki Suzki & Can am Huh Dont see Polaris anywhere kind like the 2nd drain plug on my bike cant find it LOL Thanks for your help can you reload them because there not there thanks oldcomet
  7. Hello Riders Well This is my issue I bought a used 500 sportsman in pretty good shape all new u joints & axles & tires No damage on the bike from what I could see Got the bike home took it for a little rip up the street Thought the the steering was little crazy Called the guy back he said its just the tires are very overaggressive on pavement Checked into things it needed new tie rod ends no problem replaced them with ease So here is the issue I always turn the gas off on any bike I have owned So The gas is off and I gas smell gas I check the bottom of the carb & its dripping gas

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