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  2. I think you are right, The engine still seems to be running fine
  3. I have been working on a golf cart project for the last 4 months and ran into a major problem today, I have a 98 zr 500 snowmobile engine that I am planning to run in the reverse direction. I have set the timing to the opposite side of TDC and turned the pull starter around and come to find out, that I don't get any spark when pulling on the rope. I tested the wires going to the CDI and none of them get any power so I assumed that my stator wont work in reverse. Can I run power to the CDI from a battery and make it run? If so, what wire needs the power? If I can get it running, My next step is going to be to try and make it run on HHO and still inject the 2 cycle oil to keep it from overheating and ware out too quickly. Has anyone ever found a way to turn a 2 stroke into a glo engine? Im sure there is someone out there who is smart enough to tell me how to make this work.
  4. I have an engine out of an 87 big bear 4x4 that I am going to put in a golf cart, and am needing to do some block mods. what I need to know is how the oil runs in the transfer case? I know that the oil comes out from the bolt that holds the 90 degree gear that turns the out put shafts, and I am guessing that it is a drain hole on the back side. Will it hurt anything to block these off? I will not be using the t-fer case because I want to turn the engine sideways to shorten up the distance needed to the rear end. If this wont work, What other engine would be good to use?
  5. I am going to try and add some pics of it now that it has a Polaris sport under it. It will now run down the road at 35-40 mph instead of 7mph, and it only took about another $2500 in materials.
  6. everything appears to be in working condition except the radio. I need to wire all the lights, turnsingnals, and horn back in. The wiring is all in bad shape, but I plan to replace it with heavier wire before I sell it. The frame and suspension appears to be pretty good. If you want to see a vidio of it, go to youtube and type in "shrunkette"
  7. I can help you with getting a shrunkette, but for the rest you ar on your own
  8. I have one of these, and have been looking for any info on them. There is not much out there about them. I paid $2000 for it and finally got most of the wiring figured out and got it running. It is not at all what I was expecting. Now I am giong to sell it or put the cab on a 4wheeler. Do you think I would be able to get my money back? let me know what you think.

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