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  1. I have it all but can find where the vacuum line on the carb goes its a 2000 suzuki 500 quadmaster I know where the two vent lines go but not the bigger vacuum line goes it has vacuum on this line. need help. Ray
  2. replacing carb,, the bigger line on right side top of carb does it just vent to the air,, cant find where to hook it up to also I want to check the oil and gear oil I checked the oil in motor and the rear end my question is looks like allen plug on left side of motor if you are setting on the 4 wheller, ps it hs a oli leak any help would be great. Ray in kentucky
  3. Are the atvs at tractor supply any good do they have a warranty.thanks
  4. Where is the cdi located on suzuki quad master 500 just looking for general location of cdi box.year 2000 are they hard to get off. Thanks Ray
  5. raybob


  6. thanks oxidizer black this is the 3 atv you have help me with you were right on the other 2. Thanks again... Raybob
  7. I just got a 300 kawa 4 wheel drive I think it is a 1994 the lever on the left side of the handle bar is missing is this for the clutch there is a cable that is all, this is the first standard shift I have had.It needs parts Thanks Raybob I think he said it was a bayou
  8. are the floats metal. Thanks Raybob
  9. I have a prairie 650 there is oil coming out of the tube that goes to the air box a lot of oil can someone help. Ray
  10. ck how do you drain the gas tank on 650 like you have I have some bad gas. Raybob
  11. ck 1999 how can you drain the gas tank on 650 like you have I have some bad gas
  12. My question is on the carb on my 2000 quad master there is two vacuum lines.,, if I am stetting on 4 wheeler one is on the right it has vacuum I can put my finger over it i can feel vacuum ,,one is on the left of the carb is now hooked to the fuel cock valve. thanks Raybob
  13. oxid black got my quad master fixed it was the voltage regulator. running good front brakes sticking hope it will free up. also have to adjust the back brakes. I just wanted to thank oxi black for his help. Raybob

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