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  1. Mine does the same thing. A little tap on the side of the carb, and it stops, for a while. I turn the gas off as soon as I kill the motor. I ordered a rebuild kit, so it's tear down time this weekend. It's after deer hunting season, so it's time for the yearly tune up anyway. I usually run the carb dry when done ridding. I found out that the fuel petcock had a slow leak. after about a day, it would start to drip, again. I finally started pulling the fuel line and putting a plug on it. Pain it the butt, but it stopped the fuel leak, fire hazard, and constant gas smell.
  2. After doing a little research, it looks like it doesn't matter which way the clutch is configured (in or out). Does this clutch have the adjustable setup with springs and such? You may need to make sure your RPM and torque range is in check with the clutch setup. Call Max-Torque if you have any questions at (630) 369-9600!!!
  3. This is a simular setup to the go-cart that I had when I was a kid. I seem to rememeber that the clutch was turned witth the sproket out. Yours has the sproket turned in. You may need to check that the clutch is rotating the correct direction. It may work either direction, but I do not know it that is true. This may also mean you will need to move the motor to the side.
  4. This is a trick that I don't usually suggest, unless I feel the person is able to do it. It sounds like you have been into this, so here it goes. Take the spark plug wire off of the spark plug. With the air intake to the carb taken off, cover the carb with your hand to create an almost air tight seal. engage the starter to create a high vacum inside the carb. This is basically the same as choking the carb, but a much tighter seal. Do it a few times, then connect the spark plug and start it to clear the gas. What you are doing is drawing air and gas througth the carb. This may dislodg
  5. Also check your air filter and air intake for blockage. Remove air filter to see if it cleans up, but make sure it's reinstalled before you ride.

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