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  2. Just bought a 1995 300l 4x4 yesterday and it has been sitting for over 7 years. Have put a new battery in it but I am unsure other than draining the gas what to do before cranking it over. Was real lucky on this deal. I picked up the 300l and a 1999 Magnum 500. both for $450.00 Canadian. Both ran prior to leaving them sit and are were sold as no start parts quads.
  3. I have a 1995 Sportsman 300l. The cooling fan starts running as soon as you turn the ignition switch on and does will not shut off. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Does anyone have a electrical schematic for 1989 lt160f? Thanks in advance.
  5. Will a cdi box off of a 1990 lt160f work on a 1985 lt185f. Thanks in advance.
  6. Finally solved the carb problem after removing it a number of times. I cleaned every part except the center hole in the pilot jet. That's why I had so much trouble with the choke and high idle. The quad now starts first pull, idles up a little and goes to low idle after it warms up. I checked all the other carbs that I have and every one of the pilot jet center holes were plugged solid. I used a fine torch tip cleaner to unplug them. Thanks for the reply and info. I now have the Mikuni carb schematic on file. Will post some pictures, once I get the body work done.
  7. I am not sure if the pilot jet on my lt180 is plugged. I cleaned the four small holes at the bottom of the jet, but is there a hole that goes from top to bottom on the jet????
  8. Thanks for the manual. Got it running without the choke tonight. Took a rip around the neighborhood. Needs a few minor adjustments including a sticky throttle cable. Just about got the neighbors fence. Going to take for a spin around Keho Lake on Sunday with the dogs. One down two to go. Many thanks for the help.
  9. Thanks for all the info. If you are ever down in the sunny south, give me a shout. Your info will be put to good use. Thanks again
  10. Thanks for the reply. I actually have three project quads - lf180 - lf160 - lf250. I did a lot of quading in years gone by. But they were much newer than these project quads that I am working on, so I didn't really have to do any rebuilding. I do understand the basics but need help from time to time. Just a question, are there any quad salvage shops in your area. I live just outside of Lethbridge and there is nothing here for parts of older quads? Thanks again. - Mike
  11. Finally got the beast to run. However it will not run unless the choke is on the half to full position. After it starts with the choke on, it idles without any rpm change. Nice and smooth. Would appreciate some help.
  12. I picked it up as a parts quad from the scrap yard for$75.00. This particular motor was mounted in a 125 frame. The frame is been welded a modified so I thought it would be a good parts quad. I have three other similar year quads 180lf - 250 lf & 125lf. I have only one that runs. As I have never rebuilt a four stroke was curious to get some opinions on what to do. Thanks for the reply.
  13. Found and 1986 lt160f that has had the head removed. Firstly, the engine has sat outside in the elements for a long period of time. The timing chain is rusty but their appears to little or water in the oil. Do you think that it is worth salvaging and if so, what would you do to motor to remove the rust. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the reply. Just prior to your reply i went out to the garage, and after sitting in below zero temperatures over night, i set the choke and first pull it started. I ran it for about ten minutes, shut it off and again no start after about 12 pulls.

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