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  1. They already have them for street bikes, so thinking it might be on an off-road vehicle isn't too outlandish.
  2. Here's some fluids for an 06
  3. I have seen to U shaped brackets that attach to the front rack (on a utility quad) with little fingers that hold it snug but are still able to release when needed. Like this,
  4. Geez, that's one thing your not suppose to do. Everything says don't mix.
  5. On that twitter link someone said he got all three vaccinations...
  6. Best bet would probably be to stick with parts for your specific machine, then if you want buy an oversized piston for the lt250 and have the cylinder bored to that.
  7. If the OP is still around, maybe look for an engine serial.
  8. On our 2001 there is a little circuit breaker under the rear fender. You might have one too and need to reset it. Check here for an explanation, https://itstillruns.com/how-to-reset-the-breaker-in-a-suzuki-lt80-12365593.html It looks like this,
  9. Started when my uncle bought his over to store at our house. He gets free storage, we get free use. That then blossomed into multiple quads (and a dirt bike) of various sizes and models.
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