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Hey guys, question? How would you price if you were selling your very very clean 2001 450 ES 4x4 with 740 miles on it. Garage kept and not a trail bike. Honestly used for yard work and occaional back road ride. All maimt. records, no damage, all stock, runs PERFECT!!!Good tires wtc. etc. It really is that nice. I now have Artic Cat 500 and wife dont ride any more. What do you price this thing at??? Any help sure would appreciate it. P.S. comes with plow and has winch.

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come on guys just give me your opinion cause im at a loss!!

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The best thing to do is to compare yours with ads for similar machines in your area. The bluebook value may indicate one thing, but unfortunately, people are hard up right now and are willing to part with things for much cheaper that they should because they need $$$ now. This, unfortunately lowers the value of everything. There will be alot of people trying to lowball you because some kid down the road has the same thing only for $500-$1000 cheaper, but it is probably not as nice as yours. If you hold out for the discerning consumer that recognizes the value of a machine that has been mainained and taken car of, you will get a better price.

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