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CFMOTO UTV or Side by Side Specific Discussion Topics. Technical and General Discussions. CFMOTO UFORCE, ZFORCE Topics.

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    • Thanks. I'll see what I can dig up. Odd that I sent all this info to a polaris dealer by me asking for info and they looked at me like I was from the moon.... I'd think they could have at least recognized that it was a Polaris part! 
    • Ok so just picked up an 02 ds 650 and the guy said he couldn't get it to start. He had a shop put new shims in it and I had them checked and they were ok now things I've done is new plugs even though guy had just put new plugs in it.. got new carb 42mm just like the one that was on it.. bought new intake manifold because the one that was on it someone got way to tweaked out and ported the shit out of it excuse my language but yeah so installed new intake manifold and it just won't start like its not getting enough fuel.  Timing seems to be right it does fire every now and again but just barely.. did a compression test today and it was at 90psi.. i know thats low but don't know where I'm losing compression.. valves we at .06 and .07 when checked im lost ive tried everything I know and can't figure it out
    • Google Polaris G2 plow mount, looks similar like:  
    • Got a 2007 Polaris Sportsman with this plow mount but no plow. Having a hard time finding a plow that will work... Anyone recognize it? Looks like some kinda quick clamp or something.  
    • In this video from our ride with CF Moto 850 we get back from Okol village after tasty lunch.  

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