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Polaris' Ride Command - Polaris RZR Sport

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I thought this was pretty cool and decided to start a new topic on it. Anyone have this yet?



RIDE COMMAND™ is a revolutionary technology hub that breaks barriers and connects drivers and machines like never before. See how RIDE COMMAND™ adds a completely new dimension to the off-road experience, by offering a world of connection at your fingertips.

Polaris RZR – Delivering the ultimate combination of power, suspension, agility, comfort and customization for the trails, deserts, dunes, rock piles, and mud holes throughout the world.




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It would be  nice to  have   GPS and communication ability  built into a  machine;  but that all  can be accomplished  at  far  less cost  to those of  us  not exactly  bucks up  enough to  buy   a  high  end  machine  like that ..  There's  lots of  reasonably  priced GPS  units out there,  as well  as good  FRS,  CB  and  Ham radios  for  communication. FRS  and CB radio have far  more range than  bluetooth,  and Hams  can  literally talk  around the  world   on  low  power when the  bands are open.  There  are  action  cams available  very  inexpensively that will  also   link to    phones  through  blue tooth.

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Good point, I guess its all what's in your budget (not in mine currently). I still think its pretty cool. I remember getting excited about power steering in atvs. Seems the technology you see in the automotive industry, some of it ends up coming to the power sports industry, like this ride command. They need to incorporate remote start and keychain alarm demobilization...if they haven't already, lol.

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