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1987-1999 Yamaha Big Bear 350 4x4 Troubleshooting electrical starter not working

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I have been trying to troubleshoot my electric starter not working all of a sudden. I believe the big bear I have is a 1996. I checked the fuse under the seat and I checked the battery at the local advanced auto in town. When I press the starter it just clicks once and the red light to the right side lights up until I release the button. If anyone has any idea what could be the issue please feel free to shoot some information my way.



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Welcome to QC!

First thing that I would do is make sure that every connection is tight. To make sure that battery is good and the Advance store equipment didn't fail you and let you leave with a dead cell (they usually check voltage only and not load) you could jump from another 12V source, like a car battery or a jump pack. I've done that before and determined my battery was actually bad. If still no good, use a meter and check the voltage at the starter and see if you are getting juice down there. If not, something is wrong in the middle and you'll need to trace it to a bad ground, connection, starter relay, ignition, etc. 

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Thank you for the response I will start there then and slowly work my way through these items. I'm just not atv savy to much.

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I will try changing out the solenoid first because of the clicking in the rear. Watched a few videos so waiting for the part to come in. Also bought the mothers brand headlight lense cleaning to give a shot when the new bulbs I ordered come in. Just giving some updates if anyone cared!

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Changed the solenoid that came in today and bought a sealed battery with more cranking amps then the old one. The Big Bear fired right up!

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