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First Colf Cart.....First Project (Edited Version)

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i havent the slightest idea what i have done wrong ...i never raised a tone whatsoever... i was just trying to help out ... trailblazer ...now i see where you are coming from you had never told me exactly what kind of situation you were in and now i understand...name the mods you want done and ill hunt them down for you the best i can....i tend to have alot of time on my hands lately ..lol ...buckbilly...sry if i was out of line ...?

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dont worry about it. imto be honest a dick. i jump on people most of the time. just ignore it lol. i just get a lot of critisism from people about my quad and how slow it is and everything. its cool.

anyway. the mods i think im planning for this year are.

hot seat full exhaust

k&n filter

new rubber

dial-a-jet kit

bored. maybe .10 to .40 over

new wiseco piston

and maybe if im lucky for the b-day. a 38mm flatslide carb =]

edit: clutch kit

and good point BB

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trailblazer im sure you have heard this b4 but with all the money your about to spend on modding your bike why dont you save your cash then sell the bike and get a different quad that will suit your needs better..it makes alot more sense...plus yuor only gonna get so much out of the trailblazer 250...on another note,,,theres a reason why you cant find a jetting kit....because no one mods these bikes... i know how you feel your probably saying " well this is the bike i have to work with...so im gonna mod this one.." but when you weigh it out your getting older and that thing is eventually going to out grow you if it already hasnt....

i think you should of took your own advice..

also sry for all the crap you get on the rap forum.. once those fellas have it out for you its going to be a while till they settle down...

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actually no...that pic in my aviator is my pimped out 2006 yamaha raptor 700...and as for taking my own advice thats exactly what i did...i had owned a 2008 350 for about a month when i realized that it wouldnt do what i wanted it I took a loss and went back to the dealership and traded it in my my 700r... and as for getting all kinds of crap in raptor forum...thats incorrect...i never got any crap from nobody.. my user name in raptor forum is 700rappy... what do have to say about that now? lol

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just a mis understanding thats all lol... no problem dude...when i do give advice my intentions are totally positive..i dont try to steer anybody the wrong way...i just learn from my mistakes...just me switching from the 350 to the 700 a month later cost me like 2000...thats called a lesson learnt ...i should have bought the 700r right off the bat..

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